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Learn and be familiar with the concept of class with the right car object

Object | Concept A lot of books talk about class always like to take the car as an example, but some examples are really smelly and rotten fraught, cheat money, ruin the future, retarded low-level to make up a what set_color () function to teach

Several ways to optimize Java performance

To add a smaller auxiliary function In the initial version of the Swing toolkit, creating too many point, rectangle, and dimension objects can seriously affect program performance. Although it seems more efficient to return multiple values in one

Research and realization of maze problem

"Problem description" The maze is represented by a long square of MXN, 0 and 1 representing the pathways and obstacles in the maze respectively. Design a program to find a path from the entrance to the exit, or to conclude that there is no access

PHP class Inheritance extends use introduction

  We have introduced in this article the implementation of the PHP class inheritance extends, hopefully for beginners to improve their ability to program in the PHP language It's been a long time coming out of work, but there's a lot of experience

Java Implementation screen capture Remote Desktop control

The main use of the Java.util.Robot class to capture the screen, you can achieve a rectangular area of the screen capture, through this class, we can also implement a Remote Desktop control program. package com.qiu.util; import*; import

Android to achieve vertical Seekbar

The Android system has its own drag bar (Seekbar) only horizontally, where a vertical seekbar is shared. The principle is simple: (1) to exchange width and height when measuring the size of the control (including when the control is found to be

The method of judging the screen in the Android development tutorial

In the development of the actual Android project, especially in the writing game, we must judge the problem of a bullet, it is very important. If not judged, it will give the player visually bad effect. Java code: for (int i = 0; i {

Android Surfaceview Game Development Example

When we need to develop a complex game, and the execution efficiency of the program is very high, the view class can not meet the requirements, then must be developed with the Surfaceview class. For example, when it comes to a game with a high

Java Applet drawing Board

Import java.awt.*; Import javax.swing.*; Import java.awt.event.*; public class Huatu implements mousemotionlistener,actionlistener{ static final int r=3; static int ox, OY; static int flag=1; public static void Main (String arg[]) { JFrame f=new

The Magic of Merlin: another simple frame

As you read the enhancements to the latest release of the J2SE platform, you will immediately notice that Sun finally listens to our suggestions. I'm not suggesting that they didn't listen to us at all, but they seem to be focusing more on adding

Android Multi-Touch technology, free to scale and move pictures

In the last article I took you all together to achieve the effect of the Android waterfall flow photo wall, although this effect is very cool, but in fact, it is only a semi-finished product, because all the pictures in the wall of the picture is

A simple Java-implemented screen capture (source code)

The source code is mainly used Java.util.Robot class to capture the screen, you can achieve a rectangular area of the screen capture, through this class, we can also implement a Remote Desktop control program Package com.qiu.util; Import*;

[JAVA100 Case]030, three-dimensional box

Import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; /** * * * * * @version 1.0 */ public class Gr3d1m extends JFrame implements Mouselistener,mousemotionlistener { int Dox,doy; int angx=30,angy=30; cube data = new cube ();

How to achieve scraping effect in Android

A few months ago, when I was in touch with Android, I did a small project that used a scratch-like effect, and now I'm going to post the code The first thing to do is something like eraser, then you can erase the handwriting on the paper. /** *

How to get the mouse's relative position in the div

  How to get the mouse in the relative position in the div, in fact, is very simple, there is a good example, interested friends can refer to the following Code as follows: If not, you can try the document.documentelement.scrollleft

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