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Encrypt a PHP program to protect data from ordinary people

In this increasingly virtual world of the Internet, you have to be careful to protect your own data. This article describes the basics of encoding and encrypting some important information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or even the entire

Centos 5.6 to build SendMail mail server

Software used: CentOS 5.6 mirror self-with RPM package Test used domain Name: SendMail is a good stability in unix/linux environment of a mail server software, through the configuration of the SendMail server can achieve basic mail

Centos 5.6 Install Nagios monitoring Platform

Recently need to monitor all the servers in the company, of course, there are many software can perform this function, such as Microsoft's scom, there is today's Nagios software, but the former is okay to say that the Windows platform products, or

Configuration of Ip SAN storage

Preparation of Ip-san Shared storage mode 1.Das Direct attached storage (direct connection to host) 2.Nas Network attached storage (sharing mechanism for NFS samba) --windows Shared CIFS Simplifies operating system nfscifs SMB file-level

Modify the configuration file for the Perl CPAN module


Root User path:/root/.cpan/cpan/ General user (this example is ABC) path:/home/abc/.cpan/cpan/ Modify the 2 configuration as follows: 1) ' Http_proxy ' => q[], which is the same as the browser agent

Method of installing Rpmforge in CentOS system

Rpmforge is a combination of Dag, dries, and other software packages. They provide CentOS with over 4,000 packages, including MPlayer, Xmms-mp3, and other popular media playback tools. Rpmforge is not part of a Red Hat Linux product or CentOS, but

Yum Command detailed

First, prepare the FTP server, please see my last blog Prepare libmcrypt-2.5.7-5.e15.i386.rpm php-mcrypt-5.1.6-5.e15.i386.rpm Establish Yum Server Cd/var/ftp/cdrom (access to the CD directory on

Basic optimization of centos5.8/6.4 system after installation

In operation, we found that after the installation of Linux system can not immediately put into production environment to use, often need to go through our operations to optimize the personnel. Here I will briefly explain a few of the Linux system

Centosyum can't be used.

Modify/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo # Centos-base.repo # # The Mirror system uses the connecting IP address of the client and the # Update status of each mirror to pick mirrors, are updated to and # Geographically close to the client. You

A detailed tutorial on lamp environment

First, preparatory work 1, install the compilation tool GCC, gcc-c++ Attention to resolve dependencies, recommend the use of Yum installation, if not networked can use the installation CD as a Yum source-- 1 Edit Yum configuration file: #

Redhat 5.8 x64 RHCs Oracle 10gr2 ha Practice Configuration

Configuration Description: 1. iSCSI shared storage via Openfiler 2. Implement fence functionality through VMware ESXi5 virtual fence. 3. Combine Redhat 5.8 vmware-fence-soap to realize RHCs fence equipment function. 4. This article was

CentOS Common Base Command Rollup

1. Shutdown (System shutdown, reboot and log out) command Shutdown-h now Shutdown system (1) Init 0 Shutdown System (2) Telinit 0 Shutdown System (3) Shutdown-h hours:minutes & Shut down system at scheduled time Shutdown-c Cancel system

RedHat 5.3 configuration yum: Update software from CentOS 5 source and CD source

Yum, as the name suggests, yellow Dog Updater, Modified. Yum has done the same work for RPM systems. It provides a simple command to automate the installation or updating of a software package, similar to the Apt-get tool under Debian, after

CentOS to build Yum server by means of CD-ROM mount

Introduction of experimental environment Create a new two virtual machine using VMware Workstation, install CentOS release 6.4 (Final) x86_64 The iptables and SELinux of both hosts have been closed. CentOS1 plan to install Yum Data Warehouse IP

Linux package management and System update

1.RPM is an open package management system that provides a way to quickly install packages 2.RPM is not a good solution to package dependencies, so there are yum. RPM command 3. Install RPM Package general use RPM-IVH upgrade package general

How to use GPG to secure signatures to verify the integrity of a download file

What is a digital signature? Digital signature, is only the sender of information can produce a number of people can not forge a digital string, which is also the sender of information to send information authenticity of a valid proof. Digital

Detailed Linux package management and System update

1.RPM is an open package management system that provides a way to quickly install packages 2.RPM is not a good solution to package dependencies, so there are yum. RPM command 3. Install RPM Package general use RPM-IVH upgrade package general

Redhat as 6.2 installation memcached

What is memcached? Emcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web applications to reduce database load. It reduces the number of read databases by caching data and objects in memory, providing the speed of

How to implement Yum in Linux

RHEL5 to meet the requirements of the various services "Make Yum local Source:" Yum Introduction: Yum is the abbreviation of Yellow Dogupdater Modified, Yum is the repository of software, it can be an HTTP or FTP site, or it can be a local

CentOS to build Yum server by Vsftp Way

We went on to build a Yum service. 1. Mount CD image The CD image is then mounted, because the RPM packages in the Yum Data warehouse are first copied from the installation CD # mount/dev/cdrom/media/ Mount:block Device/dev/sr0 is

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