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The gzip commands for Linux commands to understand and use instances

Gzip can be used not only to compress large, less-used files to conserve disk space, but also to form the more popular compressed file format in Linux operating systems, along with the tar command. According to statistics, the gzip command has a 60%~

Linux Oracle Installation Configuration treasure

Oracle installation includes both the Enterprise server and the client side, and users can choose different parts of the installation according to the actual situation. here on the enterprise server side as the main introduction object, the client'

Nginx only allows you to perform PHP program configuration

Method one, nginx limit suffix Solution: The code is as follows Location ~*. (Txt|doc|sql|gz) $ {if (-f $request _filename) {Break}} The code above restricts the TXT doc sql gz filename suffix from being

Zendcache: Let the website fly

For commercial websites, efficiency is very important. At some e-commerce sites, the server's response speed determines its quality of service, and the server's load determines the maximum access capacity it can provide. Technicians always try their

installation, optimization and security settings for MySQL 5.0.x under CentOS

Download page: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.0.html#downloads To the bottom of the page, find source downloads, this is the source version, download the 1th tarball Groupadd MySQL Create a new user group named MySQL useradd-g MySQL

Eclipse,netbeans and Intellij-java IDE War IntelliJ Idea Chapter

Jacek Furmankiewicz is a senior developer/designer of the Canadian Compuware Company. He has 12 years of professional IT experience, covering Unix,powerbuilder,c#/microsoft net,java,php and Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. One, IntelliJ idea 6.0.4

Firefox browser can not install what to do

Firefox is a pretty good browser, and small knitting is often used. However, some users reflect that the download of a good Firefox browser can not be installed, this How to do? Also prompts Windows to report 7-zip error when installing Firefox.

incorporate PHP manual into (g) Vim

First of all, the topic: Vim released 7.3. In looking at the Vim plug-in, found a more interesting application (non-Plug-ins): The Handbook of PHP as a vim, in Vim, press "K", you can jump to the cursor under the function manual description ... 1.

How to implement file replication between Linux systems using the SCP command

The SCP is based on SSH logons. Copy the root folder test.tar.gz file to the remote host root directory, as follows: Scp/root/test.tar.gz Root@ You will be prompted to enter the root user login password for the host

Linux SSH Common commands

System # uname-a # View kernel/operating system/CPU information # head-n 1/etc/issue # View operating system version # cat/proc/cpuinfo # View CPU Information # hostname # View computer name # LSPCI-TV # list all PCI devices # LSUSB-TV # list

Create a login and registration system in Apache Geronimo, part 1th

Create login and registration systems in Apache Geronimo, part 1th using Java EE declarative security and Geronimo's built-in Derby database Brief introduction In addition to being completely compatible with Java EE, open source, and packaged

CentOS Common Commands Daquan

Beginners Linux System, looking at the bird Brother's Linux Private dishes Basic Learning Chapter (third edition), still in the reading stage, the feeling is the command and parameters do not remember, there are various permissions settings, the

Linux Packaging Compression Command encyclopedia

. tar Unpack: Tar xvf Filename.tar Packing: Tar cvf filename.tar dirname (Note: Tar is packed, not compressed!) ——————————————— . gz Decompression 1:gunzip filename.gz Decompression 2:gzip-d filename.gz Compression: gzip FileName . tar.gz

oracle10g + SOLARIS9 for x86 + VMware installation steps

Oracle Turn from: CSDN Oracle recently released the latest version of oracle10g for Solaris x86, so it was tested and installed in VMware's SOLARIS9. This article simply records the basic steps of the installation and omits the commands for

HttpWatch How to use

HttpWatch Installation and opening 1. Download HttpWatch Pro, the professional version of the license file. Lic and installer are placed in the same folder. Run Setup and click "Next" to complete the installation. 2. To open IE browser, it is

Data recovery case for MySQL database removal under Linux ext3

[Data recovery failure description] An important MySQL database server, 146GB*2,RAID1, about 130GB data volumes, stores approximately 200~300 databases. At ordinary times, the administrator for each database dump, directly compressed into the. GZ

Eclipse,netbeans and Intellij-java IDE Wars Eclipse chapter

Jacek Furmankiewicz is a senior developer/designer of the Canadian Compuware Company. He has 12 years of professional IT experience, covering Unix,powerbuilder,c#/microsoft net,java,php and Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. First, Eclipse

CentOS 6.4 vsftpd Chinese garbled how to do

Windows Client access to the FTP application server appears garbled. This is due to the UTF-8 and GBK incompatible with headaches caused by the source way to compile the installation can solve this problem. Garbled resolution process: 1, first use

Java Open Source Practice (1)--Environment configuration

Java Open Source Practice 1--environment Configuration Wuder The software required for deploy under Window System: The following software is executed under window Jdk5.0 Download Address: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/download.jsp Jdk-1_5_0_01

GNS3 Simulation ASA842

1. Configuration screenshot: Kernel cmd line content: bigphysarea=65536 console=ttys0,9600 bigphysarea=16384 Auto Nousb ide1=noprobe hda=980,16,32 ide_generic.probe_mask= 0x01 ide_core.chs=0.0:980,16,32 Auto Nousb 2. Two documents directly used

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