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Encapsulation JS Implementation Ajax

This two days carefully understand the Ajax, and then the packaging for a while, if there is anything wrong, please advise, thank you! Ajax AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (asynchronous JavaScript and XML). AJAX is not a new programming la

Using Dynamic Web technology PHP to create a personal website full introduction

Here and everyone to communicate with the Dynamic Web technology PHP to set up personal website experience. The wrong place, please correct me!   Editing a debugging environment Win98 local edit debugging, cool? First of the next omnihttpd proffesina

HTML META Tag Small set

<Head>......</head> is the head of the <HTML> file that describes the file naming and information related to the file itself. Typically, this section of the label declares this page:

Let your site be ranked on the home page keyword optimization

Consecutive A5 on the two articles, the response is good, but also received a small partner message, let me in addition to introduce snapshots not update the problem, but also introduce some of the actual part of the SEO. The first " Baidu snapshot d

Use Dreamweaver to make personalized small icons for your website

Don't underestimate a small icon, it can fully display the personality of the Web page, this example will explain how to put a small icon on your personal home page. Effect description Appearing on

Dreamweaver MX 2004 Video Bible Tutorial (25)

dreamweaver| Tutorial 25th Episode:HTML header Tag    Course Objectives:Learn about the basics of HTML through an example.    Course Highlights:The HTML header tag is used to contain information about the current document, and the header tag in

New characteristics of PHP4

PHP 4.0 is a more efficient, more reliable Dynamic Web page development tool that runs faster than PHP 3.0 in most cases, and its script description is more powerful and complex, and the most notable feature is the increase in rate ratios. PHP4.0 The

HTML Header Basic Tag

1.<html></html>2.<head></head>3.<body></body>4.<title></title>HTML is the abbreviation for English hypertext Markup Language, which means "Hypertext Markup Language", and the file (document) that is wri

The object of ASP code

Mention ASP Many people think it is a bunch of HTML scripts and are enclosed in <% and%> some of the code and some JavaScript scripts, such as the collection of some code, such code, plus various types of annotations in different formats, looks

HTML ordered unordered definition list

1. Unordered list An unordered list is a list of items that are marked with a bold dot (a typical small black circle). Unordered lists start with <ul> tags. Each list item starts with <li>

Use smart Architecture in PHP (pick)

System I wanted to write this article long ago, but there was no time. I'm not here to tell you what to do, I hope it can testing and discuss how to develop a good, scalable Web application. I have

Php. The initial knowledge of the template tag system of MVC PHP.MVC

Template Php. The MVC template tagging system (Phpmvc_tags) now offers 3 types of tags: include directives, declarations, and expressions. The include directive allows us to separate content into modules, such as headers, footers, or content. Include

The original jquery Ecosystem Implementation table Header header scrolls with scroll bar

  headers are floating because the content is displayed on the same page, and when scrolling, the column headers are not visible, so you can only use the jquery original implementation scrolling

Automate scripts as Linux using PHP programs

Using PHP as a community, when writing to calculate the highest number of online, successfully debug the PHP as a shell script directly on the server running. When you are a community, you often need to count data on the number of online people. As a

Dreamweaver MX Create website personality icon

Specific steps to operate: 1, if you want to the entire site on all pages of the address bar display their own personality small icon, just want to name the icon file as Favicon.ico, and then put the

Implement session function in PHP3 (two, cookie function library: COOKIE.INC.PHP3) (translate)

cookie|session| function <?php if (!isset ($__cookie_inc__)) { $__cookie_inc__=1; function Jssetcookie ($CName, $CValue, $CExpr =false) { This function allows you to set cookies after the HTML header tag, Can be supplemented with setcookie functio

Dreamweaver MX production site personalized icon Tips

1, if you want to the entire site on all pages of the address bar display their own personality small icon, just want to name the icon file as Favicon.ico, and then put the icon file in the Web site s

Hands-on teaching you to learn Dreamweaver MX 2004 (Video tutorials)

dreamweaver| Tutorials | video Tutorials In 2004, the FIF multimedia production team launched the Photoshop video tutorial , the first video tutorial to launch such a complete system in the network. As soon as the work is introduced, it is popular an

PHP User's Guide-cookies section

PHP User's Guide-cookies section In this tutorial we will learn how to use PHP to process cookies, and I will try to make things as simple as possible to explain some of the practical applications of cookies. What is a cookie and how it works? Cook

HTML header

Head element The header element contains summary information about the document and is also meta information (meta-information). The meta meaning is "information about a certain aspect". It can be said that metadata (Meta-data) is information about t

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