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Construction of mvc4+ef5+easyui+unity2.x injection background Management system (12)

System log and exception handling ② In the last lecture we did a list of the results of the log and the exception, this section we are talking about to put in his application system. First we create a generic class Resulthelper in the App.common

Asp. NET gets no cookie solution written by JS

Use JavaScript tonight to set an antecedents cookie, and then use to get this cookie value, found that get no JS settings cookie value, really depressed, the following is JS write cookie code:Code Write Cookies function

The processing of session in NHibernate

Session Session in NHibernate is thread insecure and has some impact on performance each time a database operation requests a session creation. Thread safety can be easily implemented through the [threadstatic] attribute in Windows applications,

Asp. NET (Httpmodule,httphandler)

  at a previous ASP, when requesting a *.asp paging file, the HTTP request was first intercepted by a process called Inetinfo.exe, which is actually the WWW service. Once intercepted, it will transfer the request to the Asp.dll process, which

Remember the intrusion of a website and how to avoid intrusion

The first thing I want to say is that it is not the language of the written program is not safe, but to see how the person writing the code to write this program Some days ago, I went to the client's research, found that the customer's monitoring

Build a plugin system for IBuySpy

In the words of December 17, 2003, the MSDN Library website has a silent article on the basics of building a plugin framework, so, with this essay ... PlugIn, very cool feature, here's how to customize a page start PlugIn for our IBuySpy, this export Excel table method Rollup|excel| export Excel 1, generated by the dataset public void Createexcel (DataSet ds,string typeid,string FileName) { HttpResponse resp; resp = page.response; resp. ContentEncoding = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding ("GB2312");

As far as possible from the reliance on HttpContext

Today we mainly talk about the HttpContext of the problem of dependence. The natural enemy of unit testing in is HttpContext, which is the core of, extremely complex, but unable to Mock1-it's hard to see how Microsoft can write such

Custom HTTP processing and application of HttpHandler articles

In developing applications based on Microsoft IIS, developers can also use development tools such as Visual C + + to develop ISAPI applications for more powerful features, in addition to the ability to write ASP programs. You can write two ISAPI

C # to determine IP format to obtain current client IP

Visual C # IP related Operations class, to obtain the current client IP, to determine the IP format, that is, detect whether the IP address, some of the basic operation of IP, welcome C # Novice Reference: 01/// 02///gets the IP of the current

Several ways to store an ASPX Web page in HTML format

Web page The first is stencil replacement:Environment: Microsoft. NET Framework SDK v1.1Os:windows Server 2003 Chinese versionAsp. NET generates static HTML pagesThe FileSystemObject object for generating static pages implemented in ASP!This type of mvc:mvc page validation and authorization

In mvc, how do you implement validation and authorization access to forms? At least in CTP3, there is no official solution. Is the webform form validation and authorization mechanism suitable for use in mvc? Take these

Server-side asynchronous Web method (i)

web| Server | Asynchronous Summary: Matt Powell Describes how to use asynchronous Web methods on the server side to create high-performance Microsoft Web services. Brief introduction In the third column in September (English), I talked

Understand the nature of several actionresult of mvc: Fileresult

Fileresult is a file-based actionresult, using Fileresult we can easily respond to the contents of a physical file to the client. mvc defines three specific fileresult, namely Filecontentresult, Filepathresult, and Filestreamresult. In this

A more comprehensive submission verification scheme

The following is a feature extension to the "Commit validation" class for this build. NET "partial class" or "extension method" technology can be easily implemented, where the "partial class" technology is used: refers to the namespace of the the ultimate solution to infinite classification of the Treeview|treeview| recursion | solve Cache DataTable for Speed Public Function gettreetable () as DataTable Dim DT as New DataTable () DT = HttpContext.Current.Cache ("Treeview") If DT is nothing Then Dim Conn as New SqlConnection Dim Clsconndatabase

Asp. NET, using Global.asax files

Global.asax files, sometimes called application files, provide a way to respond to application-level or module-level events in a central location. You can use this file to implement security for your application and some other tasks. Let's simple single sign-on technology analysis

The code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Single sign-on (Sign on) public void Ssomethods (string username, string password) { Judge the login situation here the method omits ... int result = Checklogin (username, password); if (result>0)

Problem with URL rewriting in 1.1| problem 1:asp.net1.1 problems in rewriting in the!!! such as the following regular expression: ~/(\d{4})/(\d{2}) \.html---------~/(\d{4})/(\d{2})/--------------~/(\d{4})/(\d{2}) the DataTable cache class.| cache using System; Using System.Web; Using System.Data; Namespace SC { //**************************************/ Description: Datetable the Cache class. Property: Name: The names of the caches. Write only Attributes: Values: Cached value

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