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C # automatic generation of beautiful crystal effect avatar implementation code

  This article mainly introduces the C # automatic generation of beautiful crystal effect avatar implementation code, a friend in need can refer to the As with other micro-blogging systems, use

Remember the intrusion of a website and how to avoid intrusion

The first thing I want to say is that it is not the language of the written program is not safe, but to see how the person writing the code to write this program Some days ago, I went to the client's research, found that the customer's monitoring sy mvc resolves the date format returned by the JSON DataGrid is/date (20130450000365)

The is actually a JSON format problem and we should format it when we return JSON, and we need to rewrite the system's Jsonresult class Using System; Using System.Collections.Generic; Using System.Linq; Using System.Text; Using SYSTEM.WEB.MVC; U

Compress and repair an Access database in C #

access| Data | database | Compression INTRODUCTION The following C # code can be used to compress and repair an Access database, whether it's a simple ". mdb" or a ". MDW" network shared database, and the process and the tools-database utility-compre

The processing method of routing to request

First, if you need to use the routing feature in your project, you need to configure a httpmodule in the Web.config file: <add name= "UrlRoutingModule" type= "System.Web.Routing.UrlRoutingModule, System.Web.Routing, ..."/> Second, you s

Asp. NET Server-side asynchronous Web method|web| Server | Asynchronous Summary: Matt Powell Describes how to use asynchronous Web methods on the server side to create high-performance Microsoft Web services. Brief introduction In the third column in September (English), I talke

Implement a fast, simple and efficient URL rewrite scheme with flexible configuration

Need source code please leave an email in the comments Key code:public class Myhttpmodule:ihttpmodule{public void Init (HttpApplication app){App. AuthorizeRequest + = new EventHandler (app_authorizerequest);} public void Dispose () {}   pr

Asp. NET gets no cookie solution written by JS

Use JavaScript tonight to set an antecedents cookie, and then use to get this cookie value, found that get no JS settings cookie value, really depressed, the following is JS write cookie code:Code Write Cookies function Setcookie

Logging errors using 2.0

In this article, we will record errors and exceptions in our website through a simple process. We do this: whenever a program error is encountered, the consumer is navigated to a separate page. Also, errors are logged to a text file on the server. Wh

How to correctly display pictures in a database

Data | database | Display file 1:showimage.aspx.cs Namespace Imageresizing { public class MainDisplay:System.Web.UI.Page { public void Page_Load (System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e) { try { System.Int32 _imgid = System.Convert.ToInt32 (re

teach you to use to generate static pages| static Environment: Microsoft. NET Framework SDK v1.1 os:windows Server 2003 Chinese version generating static HTML pages used in generating static pages implemented in ASP Filesystemob Ject Object! In. NET involves this kind of oper

URL Rewrite implements IHttpHandler interface

Interface The previous use of the URL rewrite is used in the MS Urlrewriter, used later found a lot of deficiencies, the custom function is too weak, and with the increase in rewrite rules, Web.config may become larger, in fact, URL rewriting is to i

A more comprehensive submission verification scheme

The following is a feature extension to the "Commit validation" class for this build. NET "partial class" or "extension method" technology can be easily implemented, where the "partial class" technology is used: refers to the namespace of the genera

Use SqlCacheDependency when making cache

Today we're talking about using SqlCacheDependency in the cache. Its application scenario is IP address shielding, the database has a table ipblocked, recorded the blocked IP. The IP mask table does n

About contexts (context)/1 (Transfer ms)

About context Susan Warren. Microsoft Corporation January 14, 2002 One of the most common problems in writing a WEB application is to let the code know its execution context. Let's use a simple example, a personalized page, to illustrate this proble simple single sign-on technology analysis

The code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Single sign-on (Sign on) public void Ssomethods (string username, string password) { Judge the login situation here the method omits ... int result = Checklogin (username, password); if (result> MVC involves 5 synchronous and asynchronous, are you stupid to know? [Last Article]

The execution of the action method has two basic forms, that is, synchronous execution and asynchronous execution, and in the entire system of ASP.NETMVC involves a lot of synchronous/asynchronous execution, although in the previous corresponding art

Implement static page (HTML) under| Static | page When our web site traffic is very large, the client's every post to a large number of calls to the database server is a terrible thing. System performance can be greatly compromised, the speed is slow, the database is locked, a

HTML+ASHX form Submission Sample

  This article mainly introduces the concrete implementation of the Html+ashx form submission, the need of friends can refer to the following 1,sumbit form submission &nbsp; &nbsp; WebF

A class library that connects MySQL in

This is a library of classes written in for connecting to MySQL. You can use this class library to manipulate the MySQL database directly. Before using this class library, you must install the ODBC MYSQL 3.51 Download Address: http://www.mys

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