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Button Link Universe big diversion

button | link | button | Links as a small tip, temporarily categorized into ASP. When designing a Web site, we might want to make the link look like a button. Let me tell you my method. 1, the button made the link (picture) appearance Submit button

Using CDDBControl.dll to get Mp3,wma label information


This article is the Sea Special NET forum owner cute original, the copyright belongs to the Hite and oneself all, welcome reprint, please retain the complete information Sub Listid3tagsfile (File)Dim Id3:set id3 = CreateObject ("Cddbcontrol.cddbid3t

PHP variable references (&), function references, and object references


1. References to variables PHP refers to a two-variable pointer to the same memory address $a = "ABC"; $b =& $a; echo $a//Here output: ABC echo $b//Here output: ABC $b = "EFG"; echo $a//Here th

Using ASP to implement the operation of MP3 track information (with my last-mentioned ADO STREAM)

Ado|stream First, MP3 's ID3 tag, because it's mainly about manipulating this thing. MP3 at the very beginning without what we see today, there are singers, times, albums and so on. Only a few simple parameters such as yes/no to express is not priva

Analysis and solution of MP3 label garbled problem under Linux system

Believe that a lot of friends in linux play mp3, no matter what MP3 player, more or less will encounter the problem of MP3 tag garbled. I usually encounter mp3 tag display garbled when all are using e

What do you mean, ID3v2?

In simple terms, id3tags refers to the label of the MP3 track. Specifically, id3tags in fact simply "ID3" can be explained. "ID3" means "generally is located in a MP3 file at the beginning or at the end of a number of bytes, attached to the mp3 of

Flash MX2004 in the eyes of programmers (1)

Program | Programmers have more than enough Designer,flash 5 to do animation, MTV, Web design, and Developer,flash MX for developing RIA is very poor in collaborative work, source files, and code management. The programming features of the upcoming F

Python ways to get ID3 from MP3 files


The example in this article describes the way Python obtains id3 from MP3 files. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows:? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 def getID3 (fil

Introduction to Data mining technology

Data Absrtact: Data mining is a new and important research field at present. This paper introduces the concept, purpose, common methods, data mining process and evaluation method of data mining software. This paper introduces and forecasts the proble

Using ASP to realize the operation of MP3 track information

Let's say a little bit about MP3 's ID3, because it's mainly about manipulating this thing. MP3 at the very beginning without what we see today, there are singers, times, albums and so on. Only a few simple parameters such as yes/no to express is n

How to meet Chinese lyrics when using itunes to solve the problem

Many fruit powder in the use of itunes often encounter Chinese lyrics garbled phenomenon, always appear this situation will make a bit headache, the next small series to share a tutorial, hope to be a

As Code 2.0: new language elements

Flash's ActionScript (as) code control is an important part of the flash to achieve interactivity, but also different from other animation software. This year's new Flash MX Professional 2004 Action scripting language has been upgraded to 2.0, an obj

How python obtains mp3 file information


The example in this article describes how python obtains mp3 file information. Share to everyone for your reference. as follows: The code generation. py file is run under the directory to obtain info

A class that can read ID3 information [it's easy to add MP3]

<!--METADATA type= "TypeLib" uuid= "00000205-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4" name= "ADODB Type Library" --> <% ' Author: Dragon zyvslxl, please keep ' prope

DB2 Database Daily Practical operation

1, Load method loading data: Export to Tempfile of the Del select * from tablename where not scavenging condition; Load from Tempfile of Del Modified by Delprioritychar to TableName nonrecoverable; Description In the unrelated data table export d

What's Ogg?

Ogg is a free and open standard container format, maintained by the Foundation. The OGG format is not limited by software patents and is designed to efficiently stream media and handle high-q

Chinese ID3 garbled problem MX solution


Solve | problem | Chinese For the cloud open with AS2 to solve the onID3 of garbled made a little bit of improvement, can be used in MX Changes: -Encapsulate a class into a simple function-Before and after the operation does not change the original S

PHP to get information about audio files

This article mainly introduces the PHP to obtain audio files related information, very practical, the need for small partners can refer to. Project requirements: now have an audio file upload functio

Discussion on CSS Priority

This article is about the CSS priority of the discussion, you can skillfully use it? Four principles of CSS precedence: Principle one: Inheritance is inferior to designation If a style is inherited, it will never be as high as the specified priority.

No external controls make multimedia player (ii)

Controls | media Originally wanted to write a point of progress control and volume adjustment of the Code, and later found it is too simple, is a few MCI command, back and forth malcontent, I have no interest in writing down. So I thought I'd write s

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