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PHP implementation dynamic random verification code mechanism

  Verification Code (CAPTCHA) is an abbreviation for "completely automated public Turing test to tell Computers and humans Apart" (fully automatic distinguishing between computer and human Turing tests) A public fully automated procedure for

Need divergent thinking to learn PHP

Beginner php! Look at this topic, I feel the title demon again! But I think, perhaps my idea may give everybody the study to some ideas! Beginner php!Look at this topic, I feel the title demon again!But I think, perhaps my idea may give everybody

Play the image function library-common graphics operations (PHP)

Functions | graphics I try not to say big theories, such as what is PNG and find out for myself. PHP has been bundled with its own GD2 library since version 4.3, and users can download and set it themselves. If you want to see if your PHP version

PHP to shrink PNG image without losing transparent color solution

A PNG picture with a transparent color that shrinks as a JPG results in a transparent color loss. So what can I do to save a transparent color? The following code can solve this problemThe main use of the GD library two methods: The code is as

ASP implementation-gif format without component generation verification code

No Components | verification Code Option Explicit ' Display declaration Class Com_gifcode_class'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Author:layen 84815733 (QQ)' Thanks:laomi, Laomiao, Netrube' 2006-01-02'''''''''''''''''''''

How to shrink a png picture in PHP and keep the transparent color

To shrink the picture to the appropriate size, JPG image reduction is easier, PNG picture if with transparent color, by JPG to reduce, will cause transparent color loss. Save transparent color mainly utilize two methods of GD library:

PHP from zero single row (18) Image processing

1. Open a picture that already exists The parameter of the function Imagecreatefromjpeg () is the path where the file is located, and the return value is the resource identifier of the picture that the parameter refers to. This function

ASP implementation of non-component generated GIF format verification code

Option Explicit ' Display declarationClass Com_gifcode_class'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Author:layen 84815733 (QQ)' Thanks:laomi, Laomiao, Netrube' 2006-01-02'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Public

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