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Use PHP and ImageMagick to process image file upload and zoom processing (paste)

Upload and zoom processing of image files using PHP and ImageMagick PHP processing file Upload is very simple, but if you want to upload the image zoom processing, although it can be done with GD, but To carry out the more cumbersome processing.

Example analysis of Magickwand usage of PHP image processing class Library

This article illustrates the Magickwand usage of the PHP image processing class library. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Magickwand is an extender for PHP that creates an interaction with ImageMagick to

ImageMagick image Magician Basic use guide

Image magician ImageMagick is a command line image processing software, some in Photoshop and other image software to carry out a series of steps of the tedious operation, it only needs to enter a line of commands can be resolved, the efficiency of

How to install PHP Imagick extensions under Linux

Today, because of the job needs of the Imagick this extended server environment is a LNMP architecture below to introduce this stuff Imagick is an extension of PHP that uses the API provided by ImageMagick to create and modify images, but these

How to compress pictures under Linux system

Method of bulk compressing picture size under Linux system Now the mobile phone users are very large, for mobile phone users have to consider the traffic, but the mobile network bandwidth is small, how the image compression on the internet is a

How Python uses Pythonmagick to convert JPG images to ICO images

This article mainly introduces Python using Pythonmagick to convert JPG images to ICO images, involving Pythonmagick module operation picture skills, with a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to the This example describes how

ImageMagick Use Guide

When you use the ImageMagick, you will find that most of the operation, you just move the keyboard at the end, so you can use the mouse point to point to. Below, I do a simple introduction to the main functions of ImageMagick, which covers most of

Website performance: Graphics and Coockie and optimization of mobile applications

In the previous sections we talked about improving content, servers, JavaScript, and CSS in the site's performance. In addition, pictures and Coockie are also an essential part of our web site, and with the popularity of mobile devices, the

How does the Linux system capture?

Windows System screenshot is quite simple, a lot of methods, but the screenshot has become a long-standing Linux, Windows used to use the QQ screenshot, to the Linux without QQ, how to do it, PRT SC sysrq key full screen screenshots again to cut it,

Using commands for SVG batch format conversion

Take time to try Gnome3, found the default theme of the icon is very beautiful, the following figure: Just downloaded a set. The results are all SVG format, although they can be viewed by using the SVG viewer provided by Adobe, but can only be

Linux under the PHP installation Imagick expansion tutorial

Php_imagick is a php extension that can be used by PHP to invoke the ImageMagick feature. Using this extension allows PHP to have the same functionality as ImageMagick, now let's look at how PHP installs Imagick under Linux. Description: PHP

How to use PHP to process images in a Linux environment

Using PHP to create images is a fairly easy thing to do. As long as you install some Third-party library files and have some knowledge of geometry, you can use PHP to create and process images. PHP currently uses the GD library to process images.

Method of bulk compressing picture size under Linux system

Now the mobile phone users are very large, for mobile phone users have to consider the traffic, but the mobile network bandwidth is small, how the image compression on the internet is a problem, in Windows easy, there are many software, but there is

To build a Web server process based on Linux 6.3+nginx 1.2+php 5+mysql 5.5

Previous Web servers were built by Yum, and it was inconvenient to add new modules or update certain software (far-reaching!). )。 So, now ready to change the environment to the source code compiled installation, so easy to adjust, performance will

How the Linux system compresses picture sizes in batches

Now the digital camera photos of the pixels are very high, most of them will exceed this limit, many times we have to the image of bulk compression, Linux system under How to bulk compress picture size? A powerful free picture tool that can be used

Magickwand for PHP Linux INSTALL installation

ImageMagick is a powerful server-side image processing tool, much more powerful than GD. Many PHP sites with the application of a wide range, began to use ImageMagick, although its configuration is not complex, but if a few need to pay attention to

Redmine+sql Server Installation under Windows

We have been using Redmine to manage project and system defect tracking. Recently, the center developed a micro-platform and introduced a telephony system, both SQL Server, in order to integrate with the two systems, calculate the redmine into SQL

Ubuntu16.04 Create a tutorial on GIF motion diagrams

It's not hard, just install the FFmpeg Ubuntu 16.04 desktop side, install the ImageMagick, and the tools are available (same for other Linux distributions). FFmpeg is an open source audio, visual converter, using FFmpeg we can easily convert and

How to install ImageMagick

1. Download ImageMagick imagemagick-6.8.5-10.tar.gz and start the installation after the download is complete. CD./downloads tar xzvf imagemagick-6.8.5-10.tar.gz 2. Install a third party picture

Two ways for PHP to generate PNG thumbnails using Imagick read pdf

  This article mainly introduces PHP using Imagick to read the first page of the PDF to generate PNG thumbnail two methods, using the PHP extension Php_imagick, the need for friends can refer to the following What is ImageMagick? ImageMagick is a

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