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J2ME and location-based Services

Services J2ME and location-based services print-friendly Version Location-based Services (LBS) provide users of mobile devices personalized services tailored to their the current Location. They open a new market for developers, cellular

An analysis of the direction of Robocode Basic principles

Many of the players who study Robocode are confused by the direction and coordinates. Following together to uncover the mystery. Objective: Many of the players who study Robocode are confused by the direction and coordinates. Following

The COS function in Excel

The use of Cos function function function: Returns the cosine of the given angle. This is consistent with the knowledge of mathematics. function syntax: COS (number) Number is the angle to which the cosine is required, expressed in radians.

OpenGL programming based on MFC part Reading objects from the OBJ File Format

This article describes how to create a 3D object from the obj file format, and we use the Nate Miller's obj format loading class. This would is very useful to create large Virtual Reality applications as we could make use of the readily available

Detailed CSS Rules declaration

CSS rules consist of selectors and declarations, and this article is going to say the second part: declarations. A declaration consists of two parts: a property and a value. property indicates which aspect of the element (color, height, and so on)

Discussion on the programming style 3

Third, the annotation specification: 1, the function header annotation For functions, you should comment on the following format from the features, parameters, return values, main ideas, call methods, date six aspects: Program Description Start /

Excel tangent function Tan

A, tan function syntax function function: Returns the tangent value of the given angle. Grammar TAN (number) Parameter introduction Number is the angle of the tangent, expressed in radians. Note: If the unit of the parameter is degrees, you

. Net Common Cryptographic algorithm classes

Encryption | algorithm . NET Framework because of the rich library support provided by the CLR, only a small amount of code can implement the encryption algorithm that was previously difficult to implement with old languages such as C. This class

Use CSS3 with IE filters to achieve gradient and projection effects

The implementation of linear gradients in CSS3 and IE filters For a perfectionist, using a picture for a gradient is a painful thing, as painful as having a booger. So for ordinary gradients, can be used to solve the CSS will not use the

Android axis rotation effect implementation, make a different image browser

There are a lot of nice examples in the Android API demos, and the code for these examples is pretty good, so if you're working through every single example in the API demos, congratulations on being a real Android player. It's also a way for some

How to design a useful and readable chart

The age of data visualization will not be outdated chart design! Today Ali's liuying students to a simple and efficient tutorial, two steps away, first taught you to accurately express the chart data, and then help you improve the readability of the

Flash MX 2004 Time axis effects detailed explanation

Effects Today to summarize the Flash MX 2004 in the time axis special effects, I hope to help you, and provide a time axis to do the example, as for other specific simple use is not to give you examples, I hope everyone in accordance with a good

J2ME Game Development Notes integrated version

-------------General class Problems-------------- 1 j2me table method using trigonometric functions CLDC and MIDP do not provide trigonometric functions, and there is no floating-point number in the CLDC1.0, so our choice is to check the table.

UVa 10387 Billiard: Computational Geometry & Reflection

10387-billiard Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// problem&problem=1328 In a billiard table with horizontal side a inches and vertical side B inches, a ball are

Introduction to the Math.tan () method for dealing with tangent in JavaScript

This article mainly introduces the Math.tan () method used in JavaScript for dealing with tangent, which is the basic knowledge in the learning of JS, and the friends who need it can refer to This method returns the tangent value of a number. The

Flash makes a tutorial on refraction and full reflection of light

Tutorial This is a reflection of the refraction of light and reflection of the law of Flash animation, the effect is mainly achieved by programming, we can first look at the effect: Click here to download the source file As you can see, the entire

Algorithm series (19) Using astronomical method to calculate Sun Moon (Crescent)

The synodic of the Chinese lunar calendar is the basis of lunar calendars, and synodic is strictly to the sun and Moon, the day of the beginning of the month as the first, so the moon and sun time calculation is the key to make the lunar calendar.

The method of receiving and processing GPS signals in PDA environment

This paper expounds the method of using serial port to realize GPS and PDA communication in WITADOWSCE embedded system. Firstly, the data format of GPS signal is introduced, and the software and hardware environment of the system and serial

Using PostgreSQL to do location-based apps

Preface: The Project uses the Earthdistance () function function in PostgreSQL to calculate the distance between two points on the Earth, the Chinese information is too few, I found an English, speak very good article, hereby translates, Hope to be

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