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On the report. Analysis of FRx Files

On the report. Analysis of FRx Files Actually the report file. FRx is a table whose. FPT is a memo library whose library structure is no different from the general free table, and can be used to open his???. FRX, with a total of 74 fields, described

MongoDB Learning Notes (vi) MONGODB index usage and efficiency analysis

The indexes in MongoDB are similar to relational databases, all in order to improve the efficiency of query and sorting, and the principle of implementation is basically consistent. Because the key (field) in the collection can be a normal data type,

Schema optimization and indexing

MySQL has two methods for generating sequential results: Using file sorting or sequentially scanning indexes. You can use explain to see if the Type column is index to find out whether MySQL plans to scan the index. Scanning the index itself is

High performance MySQL (5) indexing strategy a compression, redundancy, duplication, indexing and locking

One, compressed index MyISAM uses prefix compression to reduce the size of the index, by default compressing only strings, but by setting it can also compress integers. Compression can use less space, at the expense of some operations that may be

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