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Learn to use MoD

The standard for industry-encrypted TCP/IP networking products is SSL, which is the encrypted protocol known as HTTPS for the ubiquitous Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on the Internet, using port 443 by default. HTTPS data is transmitted after

MOD_SSL technology makes Apache more secure

The standard for industry-encrypted TCP/IP networking products is SSL, which is the encrypted protocol known as HTTPS for the ubiquitous Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on the Internet, using port 443 by default. HTTPS data is transmitted after

Linux builds HTTPS server

I. Installation and preparation 1. Install OpenSSL To enable Apache to support SSL, you need to first install OpenSSL support. This is openssl-0.9.8k.tar.gz. Download openssl: TAR-ZXF

How to configure the Ubuntu Development compilation environment

Apt-get Update Apt-get Install Build-essential Apt-get Install GCC Apt-get Install Libpcre3 Libpcre3-dev Apt-get Install OpenSSL Libssl-dev Apt-get Install Sqlite3 Apt-get Install Nodejs Nodejs-dev Apt-get Install Libmysql-ruby Libmysqlclient-

MySQL Tutorial: Establishing an encrypted connection

Encrypted connections can improve the security of your data, but degrade performance. To make an encrypted connection, the following requirements must be met: The user permission table must have an associated SSL data column. If the installed MySQL

Compile Apache under CentOS 6.2 to support HTTPS

HTTPS (full name: Hypertext Transfer Protocol over secure Socket Layer), is a security-targeted HTTP channel, simply speaking, the secure version of HTTP. The SSL layer is added to HTTP, and the security basis for HTTPS is SSL, so the details of the

Nagios Monitoring System under Solaris

Nagios Monitoring System under Solaris The article will introduce the installation process of Nagios in Solaris10, including the compilation and installation of source code; Apache installation, Nagios CGI configuration; Nagios monitoring

The process of installing Couchbase server on Linux CentOS

Couchbase is an open-source, distributed, document-oriented (document-oriented) NoSQL database with built-in Memcached services. This article shares the practical steps to successfully install Couchbase Server on Linux. Linux distributions are

Linux:openssl to implement HTTPS verification

There is no doubt that it is important to compile and install Apache to support OpenSSL, so that you can achieve HTTPS, and here we go one step at a time. Open source implementation of OPENSSL:SSL Libcrypto: A universal cryptographic library that

Examples of Ngx_lua use techniques and applications in production environments

Lua's performance is Super Bull, and this doesn't have to be verbose. The application scene of Nginx_lua Network I/O blocking time is much higher than CPU computing time, while upstream resource non bottleneck (scalable) network applications, such

Performance testing Tools Curl-loader (Linux)

Curl-loader Introduction Curl-loader (also known as "Omes-nik" and "Davilka") is an open source C language-written tool that simulates the application load and the behavior of thousands of hundreds of thousands of of people's Http/https and

Build a fully functional mail server on the FreeBSD

#1 build a fully functional mail server on the FreeBSD Part I: Install Mail server: Postfix+vm-pop3d+openwebmail Welcome to share this article, but to retain the following copyright information: Author: llzqq Contact: The

Replace vcenter Server 5.0 Certificate

The same is the latest VMware Server virtualization project, in order to vsphere Client connection login Vcenter does not prompt the siren window, for IE browser Access Operations Manager does not prompt this site security certificate has problems,

Solve the installation nginx times wrong case

Sometimes, we need to install nginx separately to handle a large number of download requests. CENTOS5 installation Nginx encountered rewrite and HTTP cache error Resolution: wget TAR-ZXVF

Detailed use of Keepalived+nginx to resolve site high availability

Background: The company's official website PV is not high, the pressure is not big, so the company gives two servers to provide official website Web services, after all, the company façade, can not be a problem! So you need a lightweight web

OpenSSH New authentication method: New features in IBM-supported OpenSSH

Introduction: This article discusses some of the authentication methods supported by OpenSSH. OpenSSH is a free tool for implementing SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. In this article you will learn about the configuration of some authentication methods in

How Apache builds HTTPS Virtual Host

1. Create an SSL certificate First you need to install the Openssl,linux system by default installed, if not installed with the following command: sudo apt-get install OpenSSL sudo apt-get install Libssl-dev To create a certificate:

The process of constructing nginx under CentOS

Today it's just a simple nginx, and it doesn't use the functionality, and it's going to be a document about Nginx load balancing and reverse proxies. At the same time, if you can see that there are not many places in the document, please ask, thank

How Linux installs Nginx

Download a nginx tar.gz version from the official website. Installation using Make installation The first step: decompression TAR-ZXVF nginx-1.7.4.tar.gz Step Two: Enter nginx-1.7.4, execute./configure command -----------------------------------

Installation and error explanation of lamp architecture

The test is a newly installed system to ensure purity, standing in the first compilation of lamp installation angle, analysis of various errors, starting from the wrong start. As for what the lamp is for, I will not repeat it and start straight. I'

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