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Php+apache in Win9x configuration installation

Perhaps the most frequently asked question in the PHP mailing list is: "How do I install PHP on my windows machine?" "Then perhaps I can help to answer that question. When you are properly installed, you will find that it is good to develop PHP progr

Apache2+php4+mysql Configuration

Apache|mysql|apache|mysql 1, install PHP: will download the PHP compressed file decompression, folder renamed to PHP copied to the C-packing directory. 2, open just unzip the PHP directory, you will find a file called "Php.ini-dist", this is the PH

Beginners know PHP

Beginner PHP is a server-side scripting language that is easy to learn and use. With minimal programming knowledge you can use PHP to create a truly interactive web site. This tutorial does not want you to fully understand the language, only to enabl

Install php+jsp on Linux

JS Here I use is apache_1.3.9; apachejserv-1.1b3;gnujsp1.0.0 All is tar.gz format, TAR-ZXVF apache.tar.gz TAR-ZXVF apachejserv-1.1b3 TAR-ZXVF gnujsp.tar.gz TAR-ZXVF jsdk.tar.gz CD apache_1.3.9 ./configure--prefix=/www Make install Cd.. /php-3.0.12 ./

Ten steps to build a Linux VPN server

1) Install DKMS package RPM--install dkms-1.12-2.noarch.rpm This is supported by dynamic kernel modules. You need to use it at the kernel level to simplify installation and configuration. This will

Create a dynamic image map with PHP [from Osso]

Dynamic many people do not understand that PHP can produce non-HTML data. This is useful for generating image images. You can generate a simple ad map from the database or simply create a graphical button. I use the TTF font in the following example

Example Learning PHP voting program (i)

Pre-study Preparation:To learn PHP, of course, you have to install PHP, so if you are the first time to learn, please read the online college article:PHP4.03 installation under LinuxInstallation of PHP4.04 under Win98Installation of PHP4.04 under Eng

pear:php extension and Application Library

1. Pear Introduction pear:php Extension and Application repository,php extensions and application libraries. (Suddenly want to eat pears) Pear's Mission: To provide reusable components to lead the innovation of PHP. Provides packages and application

CentOS Install PHP v8js Tutorial

CentOS release 5.11 (final), CentOS release 6.6 (final) x64 test passed. GCC version, glibc version, libstdc++. So.6 version, gnu-binutils version, the tar version, Python version, re2c version of th

Problems and solutions when using PHP to generate GIF dynamically

Dynamic | solve | The problem PHP does not specify that only HTML files be exported, it can generate animated GIF files. I encountered some problems while using PHP to generate GIF images dynamically, and I have now resolved that I am using php4.05 (

apache1.3.27+mod_ssl+ Custom SSL Certificate

Absolute blue screen [Ihweb] (Huanghuatong) <> Apache 1.3.27+mod_ssl+ Custom SSL Certificate in my first article I introduced the use of FreeBSD ports to install easy, can more users use the OS FreeBSD or want to download their

Allow Java classes to be supported under PHP

System Environment: Redhat 9.0 Apache-1.3.27 mysql3.23-54a-11 Php-4.32 j2sdk1.4.1_03 Installation configuration: 1. MySQL is using Redhat9 's own RPM package, does not introduce insta

Connecting a PHP application to Apache Derby

Introduction: Hypertext Processor (hypertext processor,php) is a scripting language for building open source code for WEB pages. With PHP and open database connections (open DB CONNECTIVITY,ODBC), you can dynamically generate WEB pages from data stor

Install PHP as Apache DSO

Apache PHP is often used with Apache Web servers for Linux/unix platforms. When we install PHP in the Apache environment, you have three installation modes to choose from: Static module, dynamic module (DSO) and CGI. I suggest you better install PHP

Install PHP under Mac OX X

Mac OS X InstallsThis section contains notes and hints specific to installing PHP on MAC OS x.Using PackagesThere are a few pre-packaged and pre-compiled versions of PHP for Mac OS X. This can greatly assist into setting up a standard configuration,

Accelerating PHP program development with Pear

The process of delivering applications in a timely manner is key to determining what technology the solution is using, with the help of the pear (PHP Extension and application repository:php extension and application Library) that greatly facilitates

Ubuntu Installation Configuration Xdebug method

Installation method One, make configure Download Linux Source 1 Decompression TAR-ZXVF xdebug.2.2.1.tgz 2 cd xdebug.2.2.1 install phpize sudo apt-get install Php5

IIS7 add PHP support in vista/win08

Currently many Web sites are written in PHP, but their server environment may not be FreeBSD, Linux, many PHP sites are running on Windows2000, Windows2003 and Windows Server 2008 systems. Furthermore, the efficiency of running PHP in Windows Server

Configure error: Install PHP appears configure:error:Unable to find gd.h anywhere under, error resolution

In the PHP development Environment source code installation, in the installation PHP-5.2.6 is to appear: configure:error:Unable to find gd.h anywhere under ErrorSolution Method:1. In the GD library installation path search did not find gd.h files, bu

PHP Scripting Tips-apache DSO

Install PHP as Apache DSO PHP is often used with Apache Web servers for Linux/unix platforms. When we install PHP in the Apache environment, you have three installation modes to choose from: Static module, dynamic module (DSO) and CGI. I suggest you

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