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Install php+jsp on Linux

JS Here I use is apache_1.3.9; apachejserv-1.1b3;gnujsp1.0.0 All is tar.gz format, TAR-ZXVF apache.tar.gz TAR-ZXVF apachejserv-1.1b3 TAR-ZXVF gnujsp.tar.gz TAR-ZXVF jsdk.tar.gz CD apache_1.3.9 ./configure--prefix=/www Make install Cd.. /php-3.0.12 ./

PHP using the Socket programming example

  This article mainly introduces PHP using socket Programming example, we refer to the use of the bar 2 php Test files server.php code as follows: request code is as follows: # /usr/local/php/bin/php/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/client.php

The creation of the dynamic image of the PHP editing and implementing process

Create | Dynamic as long as you install some Third-party library files and have some geometry knowledge, you can use PHP to create and process images. Using PHP to create dynamic images is a fairly easy thing to do. Below, I will explain in detail

Dynamic Web Technology PHP Basics: What is PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language used to make dynamic Web pages. You create pages through PHP and HTML. When a visitor opens a Web page, the server handles the PHP instruction and sends its processing results to the visitor's browser, as if

A concise guide to PHP installation

PHP Installation Author: sports98 The Web work environment with PHP environment is more and more, the PHP version is also gradually perfected from PHP3 to PHP4, then to php4.2.2 Php4.2.3,php4.3.0rc2 some time ago, some people asked php4.2.2 and

Apache, PHP installation and configuration under Windows 9x/nt (i)

Probably the most asked question in the PHP mailing list is: "How do I install PHP on my windows machine?" "Then perhaps I can help to answer that question. When you are properly installed, you will find that it is good to develop PHP programs under

PHP Tips and Tricks

Skill 1. When you are looking for information about a specific PHP function, please go to For example: Http:// This will take you directly to the correct location in the online manual on a server near your geographic

On the development of PHP language in Web programming

Since the July 13, 2004 official release of the PHP5, the number of people learning PHP has increased. But the popularity of PHP is still in the initial stage, most computer enthusiasts also know little about PHP, it is necessary to increase

pear:php extension and Application Library

1. Pear Introduction pear:php Extension and Application repository,php extensions and application libraries. (Suddenly want to eat pears) Pear's Mission: To provide reusable components to lead the innovation of PHP. Provides packages and

PHP installation Mode mod

Install PHP and face to the choice of mode, before is the choice of mod_php mode, because it is easier to install HA, today suddenly concerned about fastcgi this model, sepsis a handful of mod_php and fastcgi to find some of the choice and

PHP Cache Accelerator: Eaccelerator

Cache Eaccelerator README for Linux Simplified Chinese Translation Eaccelerator is a free open-source software that accelerates the PHP program, and its speed effect is never lost to the Zend performance Suite. and support Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris,

Lamp environment Construction and case application

Server IP Address Lampàlinux +apache +mysql +php 1. Install Apache Service [Root@localhost ~]# Yum Install Httpd–y 2. Install MySQL Service [Root@localhost ~]# yum list all |grep MySQL [root@localhost ~]# yum install MySQL

Accelerating PHP program development with Pear

The process of delivering applications in a timely manner is key to determining what technology the solution is using, with the help of the pear (PHP Extension and application repository:php extension and application Library) that greatly

Linux---nagios monitoring diagram

Toss for 2 days. The Nagios 4.x version of the monitor server lasts about 3-4 months. Originally set up when they want to do a map of the monitoring, but has not been out. And then it was put on hold. Before, because of server performance problems,

Super Server APACHE+MYSQL+PHP+SSL Complete installation strategy (1)

Apache|mysql| Server | Our goal is to install a Web server that allows us to host multiple Web sites, some of which are security solutions for E-commerce, and most Web sites are driven by a script that connects a database server and extracts its

The configuration of PHP+MYSQL development environment under Linux

The development languages that Web developers use today are PHP, ASP, and JSP. These three languages have their own strengths, and each has a large number of loyal developers and users. For people who use PHP for Web development, many people choose

WIN2000 Apache php mysql installation and security manual

apache|mysql| Security This article is written to friends who want to set up a secure web platform on the Win2K platform. The required program: Apache We choose Apache_1.3.28-win32-x86-no_src.msi, or

"PHP Program Design" chapter II Install PHP

This chapter compiles and installs the following software as follows:* Apache v.1.3.4-The most popular Web server in the world.* GCC v.2.8.1--from the GNU C and C + + compilers.* MySQL V.3.22.16b-gamma-a database used by many people worldwide.* PHP

Native: PHP 4.0 rc2-win32 Installation Guide (Chinese version)

Chinese PHP 4.0 rc2-win32 version =================================== System Requirements ------------ -Windows 95 or later version, Windows NT 4.0 or later -ISAPI mode requires an ISAPI 4.0-compliant Web server (test pass on IIS 4.0) -Windows 95

Introduction to PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is easy to learn and use. With minimal programming knowledge you can use PHP to create a truly interactive web site. This tutorial does not want you to fully understand the language, only to enable you to

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