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Custom ARP

I believe you have played socket programming, with CSocket network communication is very convenient, but sometimes want to do some low-level things are very troublesome, with Windows API minimum can only SOCK_RAW, can see the IP layer of data, if you

Java Mail API and its application--implementation of a mailing list server (iv) (paste)

Server | Mailing List Appendix: /** * Class Listserver provides basic mailing list service features: Read all new messages for the specified mail account and forward to * All mail accounts (subscribers) specified in the Emaillistfile

JVM Memory Management: A discussion (on the obj=null)

You park friendly, LZ is from a site to move over the blogger, see here a lot of bloggers are said to see friends as a garden friend, LZ bold imitation, but before, LZ is actually said to see friends for ape friends. LZ in a Web site has already writ

Use fonts and colors in J2ME phone programming

Using fonts In J2ME mobile programming, you can use the Font class--font in the low-level user interface to achieve better performance, then how to use the Font class? First of all, due to the limit

Java Theory and Practice: is that your final answer?

The final keyword is often misused-it is overused when declaring classes and methods, but is not used when declaring instance fields. This month, Java practitioner Brian Goetz explored some guidelines for the effective use of final. Like the const ke

The use of Java hashtable

The Vector allows us to select from a range of objects with a number, so it actually associates numbers with objects. But what if we want to choose a series of objects based on other criteria? The stack is an example of this: its selection criterion

C # answers to the eight Queens question

Answer | Questions from V-Star [Windows Prince] responder, as follows:<br> <br> Using system;<br> Class queen{<br> const int SIZE = number of 8;//Queens <br> public static void Main () <br> {<br> int[] Queen

Algorithm: UVa 1146

"The main effect of the topic" There are n planes to land, and each plane can opt for an "early landing" or "late landing", which cannot be landed at any other time. Give each aircraft "early landing

Big talk data structure five: chain-type storage structure of linear table (bidirectional linked list)

1. Two-way linked list: In the single linked list of each node, and then set a pointer to its predecessor node field, then the two-way linked list nodes have two pointer fields, one point direct successor, the other point direct precursor. 2. Single

About the efficiency test of C # array initialization

Arrays I have recently written in data compression programs, often used in arrays. All elements of the array need to be zeroed at every point. Because C # does not provide a memset () method. So the following tests were performed. Main program part:

Algorithm: HDU 4115 Eliminate the Conflict (2-sat judgment)

"The main effect of the topic" Bob and Alice play with scissors and rock cloth, one plays n round, Alice already knows what Bob wants each time, 1 for scissors, 2 for stone, 3 for cloth, then Bob mak

Icsharpcode Quick decompression Help for sticky

In the project is often used to extract the public class, uncompressed files occupy a small space, can also be encrypted, often can be used to upload attachments to the client, packaging output main program, etc., the benefits of which are not much s

C # Read and write INI file

The main idea is to invoke the Win32 API. 1. Introducing namespaces Using System.Runtime.InteropServices; 2. Declaration (Turn a WIN32 API function into a C # function)  //声明INI文件的写操作函数 WritePriva

Asp. NET using RAR to realize file compression and decompression| compression We often encounter problems with bulk uploads, and we also encounter problems uploading all the files from a directory to the server. So, how do you solve such problems? The previous technology generally used ActiveX, and so on,

Java Collection Learning (16) HashSet Detailed introduction (source analysis) and usage examples

In this chapter, we learn about HashSet.We first have a general understanding of HashSet, and then learn its source, and finally through the example to learn to use HashSet. The 1th part HashSet introduction HashSet Introduction HashSet is a colle

JSP basic syntax

One, JSP elements 1, script elements, including expressions, code fragments (including built-in classes), declarations (member variables and methods), annotations (output and shadowing) 2, the instr

Asp. NET bottom architecture explore again. NET Runtime (ii)

Here we have an instance of the callable Isapiruntime object that is active in the ISAPI extension. Each time the runtime is started and running (in contrast, if the runtime does not start, you need to load the runtime as described in the previous ch

HDU 2923 Einbahnstrasse

Link: Topic: Time limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 1117 accepted submission (s): 31 Problem Description Einbahnstra you just started a n

Serialization of data in remoting

Data This article describes two classes, BinaryFormatter and SoapFormatter, that transmit serialized data over the network. These classes can convert an instance of a class into a stream of bytes over the network to a remote system, or they can be co

suppressing inferior code with typedef

Summary: TYPEDEF declarations help create platform-independent types and even hide complex and incomprehensible syntax. In any case, using a typedef can bring unexpected benefits to your code, and you can learn to use typedef to avoid imperfections,

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