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How to write a good plan for the venture project

For venture companies seeking funding, the business plan is the corporate phone card. The success or failure of an investment transaction is often determined by the quality of the business plan. For start-up risk Enterprises, the role of business

BizTalk Adapters: Integrating e-mail processing into enterprise solutions

This article discusses: BizTalk Business Process Architecture Build a custom BizTalk solution Extracting and processing data from e-mail Create a custom adapter This article uses the following techniques: BizTalk Server 2006 Directory First,

The construction method of the nine-way outside chain to multiply the website traffic

External links are we do SEO optimization must do a job, because the external link is one of the most important factors in search rankings, but to obtain high-quality external links is not easy, this is also our headache one thing, today I give you

User behavior analysis: What to look for before shopping

What people look at before they go shopping: teach you how to use eye-catching content to decorate your online shopping pageIn the fourth quarter of 2008, British shoppers spent 13.16 billion euros on online shopping, according to estimates from the

Web Design theory: Beautiful but not empty minimalist website design

As designers, we all know that a minimalist design can achieve beautiful results. However, many designers have trouble implementing: either there is no time to make a page with so few elements look beautiful, or the end result just looks "imperfect"

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