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Java Multithreading: "Juc lock" 03 of the Fair Lock (i)

Basic concepts In this chapter, we will explain the principle of "thread gain fair lock", and we need to understand several basic concepts before we explain it. The following are all based on these concepts; These concepts may be tedious, but from

The related principle of MySQL database lock mechanism easy to master

In MySQL, table locks are not deadlocked for storage engines that use table-level locking. This is managed by always requesting all necessary locks at the start of a query and always locking the table in the same order. In a table with frequent

MySQL Tutorial: A summary of the lock mechanism in MySQL

Original link: http://blog.chinaunix.net/u/29134/showart_1087632.html Today to briefly summarize the locking mechanism of MySQL, improper welcome to PAT Bricks! 1, for MySQL, there are three kinds of lock level: page level, table level, row level.

The correlation principle of MySQL database lock mechanism

In a table with frequent update and insert operations, a small number of data tests run well, in the actual operation, due to the large amount of data (210,000 records), there will be deadlock phenomenon, with show processlist view, you can see an

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