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Sundance SEO: How to do good relationship with spiders

For us to do SEO site optimization friends, we are and spiders are inseparable, how to let spiders frequent crawling our site to take away our website information revenue our site page. Some novice webmaster may ask how to know whether spiders often

How does the Win7 system delete the C disk log files in bulk?

Win7 System Bulk Delete C Disk log file method: 1, open the computer, into the C disk (System disk); 2, in the folder on the upper right search box input *.log, then the system will be the power of the search under the C disk all log files;

MySQL3.23.15 version Set data synchronization

MySQL provides database replication functionality after version 3.23.15. The function of two database synchronization, master-slave mode and mutual backup mode can be realized by using this feature. The settings for database synchronization

Mydumper: A Practical multi-threaded backup tool

Mydumper is a high-performance multi-threaded backup and Recovery tool for MySQL and drizzle. Main Features: 1, lightweight, written in C 2, the execution speed is mysqldump 10 times times 3. Consistent snapshots of transactional and

Oracle Flashback Database Introduction

The flashback technology is based on the contents of the undo segment and is therefore limited by the Undo_retenton parameters. To use the Flashback attribute, you must enable the automatic undo management table space. In Oracle 10g, the Flash back

Flume-ng Source reading: FileChannel

FileChannel is a very important channel component of flume and is very often used. This channel is very complex and involves more than three packages: Org.apache.flume.channel.file, org.apache.flume.channel.file.encryption (encrypted),

In-depth analysis of IIS 6.0 (13)

IIS wildcard applications can do anything developers need to do, such as URL customization, authentication, recording of special log information, detection of attack attempts, creation of content, and so on. After the wildcard application finishes

How to solve the ORA-01658 error

Ora-01658:unable to create INITIAL extent for segment in tablespace string Cause:failed to find sufficient contiguous spaces to allocate INITIAL extent for segment being. Action:use ALTER tablespace ADD datafile to add additional spaces to the

. The decoration model of net design pattern research

Design Overview In software systems, we sometimes use inheritance to extend the function of an object, however, because inheritance is a static trait introduced by a type that makes this extension inflexible, and as the number of subclasses

MYSQL Database Synchronization

Recently to do database synchronization, if the Internet to find examples, success, record down, see next time. This is an article found on the Internet. The following configuration has been successful on this machine: Implementation function: A

The Zimbra service does not start properly

1. Description of the problem 1) Zimbra Service Status: zimbra@mail:~$ Zmcontrol Status Host mail.example.com Antispam Running Antivirus Running LDAP Running Logger Running Mailbox Stopped Zmmailboxdctl is not running. MTA Running SNMP

Designing efficient mailing lists with asp.net

asp.net| Design | Mailing list an attractive, full-featured Web sites often have the following characteristics: First, the content of a full, practical, to attract the interest of the content of the browser; second, the page is set up reasonably,

New features of the JSR 286 portlet, part 3rd

Portlet Filters and Portlet windows In the 1th part of this series, we briefly review the JSR-2.0 portlet and introduce the new features of the JSR 286 portlet in detail, with parts 2nd and 3rd going through the development and deployment of

Seagatebara Seagate Hard Drive K11, K12 Factory maintenance instructions

  Servo defect table   F3 TV8 V8 servo Flaws List log log PHY Head Cyl cyl Wedge Status 0 16c7c 16c7c F8 primary 0 16c7d 16c7d F8 primary 0 16C 7E 16c7e F8 Primary 0 16c7f 16c7f F8 primary 0 16c80 16c80 F8 primary 1 316 316 primary + DEALLOCD 1 31


JMS is not very familiar with, after a few days finally have a point of thought. Here are two programs, add a queue-example-service.xml configuration file is very simple, complex point in the future said. Package

Oracle Data Guard Theoretical knowledge

RAC, Data Gurad, Stream are three tools in the Oracle High-availability system, each of which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other. Their respective emphasis is different, the application scenario is also different. RAC its

Eclipse quickly hibernate--5. Component Mappings

This article is mainly about the component (Component) mappings in Hibernate, which can be referenced in chapter 7th of the Hibernate official documentation.  As for the environment settings, you can refer to the previous articles in this series.  1.

ora-600 error caused by Cursor_sharing=force

1, in the Alert_lxdb.log log report 600 errors Errors in FILE/U01/APP/ORACLE/ADMIN/LXDB/UDUMP/LXDB_ORA_50379.TRC: Ora-00600:internal error code, arguments: [Kkslhsh1], [101], [], [], [], [], [], [] Note that this problem may result in a very

MySQL DBA system Learning (INNODB) The principle of the Redo log log of the engine

In InnoDB, the dirtypage on the Bufferpool can speed up data processing while also causing inconsistency (ramvsdisk). This article describes how dirtypage is produced and how InnoDB uses Redolog to eliminate inconsistencies in the data produced by

Backup restore upgrade NetScreen SSG140 Boot loader and ISO

Step Essentials: . backup recovery configuration file and ISO . Upgrade the new version of the boot loader and ISO Backup recovery configuration file and ISO Due to backup restore this piece, online reprint a special detailed to everyone spare,

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