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To billion bit the amount of lowercase to uppercase JS code

Script> function DX (n) { var stroutput = ""; var strunit = ' Hundreds of thousands of hundred hundred million hundreds of thousands of million to pick up the corner points '; n = = "00"; var intpos = N.indexof ('. '); if (intpos >= 0) n = n.su

130 VIM commands that programmers should know

Since 1970, VI and Vim have become one of the programmer's favorite text editors. 5 years ago, I wrote a question to ask myself "every programmer should know the 100 vim command" This is the previous article of the improved version, I hope you will l

Questions and answers: CSS cascading style sheet best start tutorial

css| Tutorials | Getting Started | style sheets 1, [topic: What is CSS? What can it do?] CSS is a technique called style sheet (stylesheet). Some people call it cascading style sheets (cascading Stylesheet). CSS technology is used on the homepage to

About CSS List style properties List-style

List-style definition: A shorthand property used to set all the properties of a list in a declaration, which is a shorthand property that covers all other list-style properties and is used only for

Swift Language Guide (v) digital literal and numeric type conversions in Swift language

Number literal amount The integer digital surface is written as follows: · decimal digits, no prefix · Binary number, prefixed by 0b · Octal number, prefixed by 0o · hexadecimal digits, prefixed by 0x All the following integer literal values ar

EditPlus Common shortcut keys

EditPlus use of shortcut keys If one comes to your company to interview the programmer, even CTRL + C and CTRL + V are not used, but instead use "select text" → right mouse button → "copy" and then right-click → "Paste". Will you hire him? (You don'

ASP Development example of WAP Simple mail system

  Next article: ASP Development Example of WAP Simple Mail System (cont.) With the increasing number of mobile phone users, WAP sites such as springing up quickly, mobile phone mailboxes are constantly appearing in front of people, the author has de

Google ime How to change the simplified?

Google Input method is a very clean pinyin input method software, Chinese and English switching is very convenient is also shift, but because I also use Google Browser, the input method is not careful

Code for Web Design

Specification | design | Web page design   General This specification is not only a development specification, but also a scripting language reference, this specification is not a rigid must strictly abide by the provisions, under special circum

How the Web site shortening program is done

Recently Weibo is very hot, because of the word limit, there are a lot of web sites to shorten this service, such as Sina himself with their own sinaurl.cn, think of their own has also registered a very short domain name k6.hk for a long time, has be

CSS Font Properties

Css Font family Section Syntax: font-family: [[< family name > | < category family >],]* [< clan name > | < category familiesAllowable value: < family name >Any font family section name can be used< category family >

Definition of Web Application

web| Program Web application (Web application) terminology has been used many times in previous chapters to refer to neither a real web site nor a traditional application. In other words, it is a collection of web pages and other resources that are u

Excel table 25 strokes must learn the secret

Let different types of data be displayed in different colors In the payroll, if you want to make the total wages greater than or equal to 2000 dollars to show "red", greater than Wages equal to 1500 yuan in the "blue" show, less than 1000 of the to

You may not know the 7 CSS units

If you are a front-end development engineer, General PX and EM use frequency is relatively high. But today the focus of this article is to introduce some of the units we use very little or even have heard. One, relive em <style type= "Text/css"

Explain in detail the definition of list items and horizontal lines in CSS

css| Project This tutorial mainly explains the definition of the style of common tags <li> and <hr> of Web pages. Hope to help you. Li {list-style-image:url (images/disc.gif);} This style definition for Li is to use a picture for a list i

Rules for style naming when writing CSS code

What to note: First, the name of the selected word should choose not too specific to express a certain state (such as color, size, etc.) words, to avoid when the state changes when the names lose mea

Word 2013 document How to change the capitalization of English letters

With the change case feature in Word2013, you can flexibly set the English case state in Word documents. The steps to change the case for English characters in Word2013 are described below: Step 1th, open the Word2013 document window and select the

Introduction to the simplest and fastest way to implement Apache two-level domain names

First, you have a top-level domain name that has a universal domain name resolution, such as: domain.com Second, open the mod_rewrite in the httpd.conf. After that, at the end of httpd.conf, add the following: RewriteEngine onRewriteMap lowercase int

Capitalize amount converted to lowercase

Q: How do I convert uppercase amounts to lowercase? A: Simple, very strict format. Private float Getmoney (string strbig) ... { string strexp= ""; string[] Arrbig = new string[] ... {"Whole", "" ",

Several magical uses of ALT key in Windows system

Window There is an ALT key on the PC key, just like the shift, CTRL, in general, we all use it in conjunction with the other keys, it doesn't seem to work very well. In fact, to think carefully, it in the role of Windows can be big, do not believe, p

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