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The settlement of record php5.4 and Php-redis conflict

Recently because of the update of the source of Ubuntu, causing the original Xinyuan and the Local system library some Lib conflict, causing the system desktop display exception, and then only reload, the new installation of php5.4.9, also installed

How to remove Mac Youku video ads?

The first step: change hosts, how to modify the hosts? This site is also a tutorial. Small knitting in the simplest way to tell you how to modify. Open the Finder, hold down Shift + Command + G, enter/private/etc/, and then go and locate the hosts

Set up a way to automatically clean up files in a Linux system n days ago

The server produces a global backup file once a week, about 100G in size, and needs to be cleaned regularly. Working time site access is large, server I/O high when the deletion of large data will have a bad impact on the server state. So I want to

How to turn off the bumper ads for online videos like Youku and potatoes

In the all over the the Internet is full of ads, now Youku and other video sites are irritating! These video ads are getting longer, super annoying, even more than 30S, and sometimes 2 ads "send" to you! In the past, I would have turned off the view

Linux system programming files and I/O (iv) file properties

First, read file meta data int stat (const char *path, struct stat *buf); int fstat (int fd, struct stat *buf); int Lstat (const char *path, struct stat *buf); Stat () Stats The file pointed to by path and fills in BUF. Lstat () is identical to

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