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MCrypt is used in PHP

Yesterday, when I decode the generated JSON file, I suddenly found that the return was null, (the JSON string in the JSON file was encrypted), and after repeated testing, it was found that the decode operation returned NULL as long as it contained

To build a Web server process based on Linux 6.3+nginx 1.2+php 5+mysql 5.5

Previous Web servers were built by Yum, and it was inconvenient to add new modules or update certain software (far-reaching!). )。 So, now ready to change the environment to the source code compiled installation, so easy to adjust, performance will

Resolve errors in PHP startup:unable to load Dynamic library

Error | resolution That's weird! Today's Apache and IIS are unable to load php_mysql.dll correctly. Google a bit, the original found that there are many people this problem, PHP startup:unable to load dynamic Library:e;\php5\ext\php_mysql.dll.

Simple analysis of PHP installation extension mcrypt and related dependencies (PHP installation pecl extension method)

One: mcrypt introduction mcrypt is an extension of PHP that completes the encapsulation of common cryptographic algorithms. In fact, the extension is for the MCrypt Standard Class library encapsulation, MCrypt completed a considerable number of

Install LNMP to build a highly available Web server

Disclaimer: Some of the articles in this article refer to some articles on the web, and all the code in the article is tested on the CentOS 6.2 X84 64-bit system. First, download the package wget

How to use the MCrypt extension library for encryption and decryption

Summary: Mcrypt 2.4.7 is a powerful cryptographic algorithm extension library that includes 22 algorithms, including the following algorithms: The following are the referenced contents: Blowfish RC2 safer-sk64 Xtea Cast-256 RC4 safer-sk128 DES

The principle and practice of implementing PHP source code encryption

Encrypt "Digest" I consider processing from the interface between Apache and PHP, using temporary files, decrypting and replacing the file pointer The source code for PHP files is plaintext, which is not suitable for some commercial purposes.So

PHP, Java des encryption decryption instance

This article mainly introduces PHP, Java des Encryption and decryption instance, DES encryption is symmetric encryption in the Internet application of a relatively many encryption methods, this article gives the PHP and Java version of the

How to add a mcrypt extension module for PHP

System Environment: centOS6.3 apache:httpd-2.4.2 php:php-5.3.21 I. Installation of MCrypt 1. Download Libmcrypt,mhash,mcrypt installation package Libmcrypt-2.5.8.tar.gz # wget

Ubuntu laravel hint of missing mcrypt extension solution

MCrypt is a cryptographic extension, in PHP if you want to use this encryption must install the MCrypt extension, let's take a look at Ubuntu laravel hint of the lack of mcrypt extension solution, I hope that the following will help you.

phpMyAdmin Unable to load MCrypt solution

Unable to load MCrypt (external chain, English) extensions, check your PHP configuration: Many friends in the run phpMyAdmin program will see that the prompt, "Can not load mcrypt (outside the chain, English) expansion, please check your PHP

How to open the server encryption library

SHOPEX installation Error! Prompt: Server Encrypted library is not installed. Workaround: PHP Encryption Extension Library MCrypt installation The Mrcypt installation was not installed during the standard PHP installation, but the PHP

PHP compilation Options Description (1)

On the detail options, in addition to the above installation brief, you can add additional options at compile time.Apache ModuleSyntax:--with-apache=dirDescription: Use this option to allow PHP to use the Apache module mode, DIR string can

PHP Common compilation Parameters Chinese description

This article mainly introduces the PHP commonly used compiler parameter Chinese explanation, this article uses the detailed Chinese annotation the PHP compilation parameter function, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under

How to add/Decrypt MCrypt?

Decrypting the PHP code:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function Make_seed () { List ($usec, $sec) = Explode (', microtime ()); return (float) $sec + ((float) $usec * 100000); } Srand (Make_seed ());

A detailed explanation of the lamp platform deployment and application

Lamp architecture is one of the most mature enterprise Web application models, which refers to a set of systems and related software that can provide dynamic Web site service and its application development environment. The word lamp is an

How to encrypt and decrypt a mcrypt extension library

Mcrypt 2.4.7 is a powerful cryptographic algorithm extension library that includes 22 algorithms, including the following algorithms: The following are the referenced contents:blowfish RC2 safer-sk64 Xteacast-256 RC4 safer-sk128

PHP Development Framework Laravel installation and configuration tutorial

Laravel is a concise, elegant PHP Web development framework, this article will describe in detail how Laravel is configured Configuration Instructions The framework is ready to download, but for good use, maybe we still have something to know, and

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