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Design of identity authentication system for Broadband portal website

Design    SummaryThis paper studies the functional requirements of the identity authentication system of Hunan Tietong broadband portal, and puts forward a set of comprehensive solutions from the aspects of unified authentication, authentication

Enhanced BGP routing protocol under Linux

The BGP protocol runs on top of TCP and, as a result, it inherits all vulnerabilities of TCP connections. For example, in a BGP session, an attacker could impersonate a legitimate BGP neighbor, and then persuade the BGP router on the other end to

Implementation of software protection with C + + Builder MD5 Control

One, share = free? Along with the internet, the "Sharing + registration" model is increasingly becoming the main means for programmers to release their own software, but the resulting means of cracking more and more sophisticated. How to protect

A comprehensive experiment of CCNA exchange

(1) interconnection between the VLAN: single-arm routing (2) Each PC can automatically obtain IP address: DHCP (3) Two switches require VLAN2 to go above, VLAN3 go below: STP load Balancing (4) SW2 can learn from SW1 VLAN related information:

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