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Micro-analysis of PHP performance

First, performance analysis-related functions and commands 1.1, time measurement functions usually we often use the Times () function, but the return is the number of seconds, for a piece of code internal performance analysis, to the second

CentOS Common Base Command Rollup

1. Shutdown (System shutdown, reboot and log out) command Shutdown-h now Shutdown system (1) Init 0 Shutdown System (2) Telinit 0 Shutdown System (3) Shutdown-h hours:minutes & Shut down system at scheduled time Shutdown-c Cancel system

How to optimize memory

1. Adjust the size of the cache area You can set the percentage of the system to take advantage of the cache on the primary uses tab of the computer. If the system has more memory, select Network server, so the system will use more memory as the

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's tutorial (ix) Windows Phone 8 emulator overview

Original address: Part-9-overview-of-the-windows-phone-8-emulator Source code: HTTP://AKA.MS/ABSBEGINNERDEVWP8 PDF version: Http:// We

Detailed vista/win7 memory management

Detailed vista/win7 memory management, for Windows Vista, Windows7 memory usage, most users who upgrade from XP think: The System idle memory should be more and better. By the time of 7 (and more accurately vista), the idea that this should be

Common Linux command collection and collation

Shutdown: Poweroff or shutdown-h now or init 0 Reboot: Reboot or Shutdown-r now or init 6 Close X-window:init 3 Start X-window:init 5 or start X View IP Address: ifconfig Linux kernel version: Uname-r Basic command 1, view a port number,

Using Nrpe external component to extend Nagios monitor remote host

1, Nrpe realize the principle of remote host monitoring Nrpe is a feature extension of Nagios that can execute plug-ins on remote Linux/unix hosts, providing some local information about the server to the Nagios monitoring platform by installing

. NET tracking thread suspend and program dead loop

program debugging under. Net is a lot simpler and less of a problem than the headaches of the pointer crossing the line. However, when your program encounters the following problems, it is still very tricky: 1. The process terminates abnormally.

Slow process, high CPU percent usage when MindManager operation

When users operate MindManager, they experience a slow mindmanager process and a percentage of high CPU usage that can affect the MindManager experience. So how to solve this problem, this article for you to answer, how to mitigate the operation

Ruby on Rails development from scratch (59)-ActiveRecord base (preload child records)

Pre-loading child records discuss issues that are the same as "deferred loading." Usually active records postpone loading child records from the database until you need them, for example, through the example in RDoc, we assume that the blog program

View the Win7 process path to ensure system security

After each reload system, a variety of security guards and anti-virus software are necessary protection tools, they can automatically intercept the process of some illegal programs to ensure the safety of the computer working environment. However,

What does IIS mean by how many users share an application pool?

In the admin zone--the definition of a virtual host product, you can set a pool number of peopleOn a single server, the total number of general pools should not be more than 20 per cent of performance.As a result, the pool becomes a valuable

[Original]windows2003 manual Installation configuration php5 detailed guide

php5|window|windows2003| Original Today, the server for the configuration of PHP environment, the first in Baidu to collect some relevant information for reference, and then began to manually configure the PHP5 environment (personal more like green

Optimizeit Profiler Overview

Optimizeit Profiler Overview This article introduces some of the main features of Optimizeit Profiler to make you have a brief understanding of it. For more information, check the Optimizeit Profiler user's manual. You can click the

Experience and command explanation of memory usage in Linux system

Linux memory management, in fact, with Windows memory management has a very similar place, are using the concept of virtual memory, said here have to scold MS, why in many times there is a lot of physical memory, but still used to pagefile. So I

The virtual memory settings in the computer system have a very big impact.

(a) Reasonable setting of virtual memory Virtual memory settings are based on your physical memory size and the use of the computer to set, on the desktop with the mouse right click on "My Computer", select "Properties", you can see the memory.

What's the difference between Buffer cache and page cache?

What's the difference between Page cache and buffer cache? Most of the time we do not know the system in the IO operation is to walk the page cache or buffer cache? In fact, the buffer cache and page cache are two simpler concepts in Linux, which is

window of the world what to do when the browser is not running properly

  1. What is the difference between the green version and the installation version? For those who prefer simplicity, the green version can run directly without installation. You can extract it directly into any directory to run. (You need to

Correcting errors in PHP applications with Xdebug

Introduction: The Xdebug extension of PHP can help you dissect your application to find out why when a program is in error or fails. Learn how to use Xdebug to track call stacks, analyze memory usage, and view the contents of parameters and

Common basic settings for Photoshop CS6

While some general settings for Photoshop are typically tuning preferences, others are features and toolbox tools, let's adjust preference settings. There are general, interface, file processing, cursors, transparency and gamut, units, and rulers

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