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About dialog boxes

Q: The program is based on the dialog box, I display two dialog boxes, one behind the other, here is my practice: CMyApp::InitInstance (){   ...   CMyDialog1 dlg1;   m_hMainWnd = &dlg1;   int result = dlg1.DoModal ();   CMyDialog2 dlg2;   result =

Q&a compilation of "Send and receive short message via serial port"

On the "Send and receive short message through the serial port" topic, I will communicate with netizens, discuss some of the technical issues sorted into the following text. Hopefully this article will be helpful to more friends who are interested

Visual Studio.NET FAQ (Chinese version)

Visual| Some of the project types and features in Chinese Visual Studio require that the installation may be listed as optional specific software components before you can use this feature or project. Some of these components must be installed on

Use SendMail to enhance Mail's anti-DOS attack capability

All kinds of Denial-of-service attacks are the TCP/IP protocol stack of the target, which is not a very special way to use it, and its purpose is to disable the server and work. This kind of attack can be easily successful because the first time the

Integrated application of Servlet and Javaserverpages

Erp|server|servlet This article describes the integration of thin clients and MQSeries by using servlet and JavaServer pages. This integration requires users to fill out HTML forms in detail, collect user data from the form, and then send the data

Getting Started with WINAPI

Don't be surprised, although we have a lot of "WYSIWYG" programming to develop many user-friendly applications, these visual programming environments provide a lot of class libraries and controls, but while developers enjoy the convenience, their

Java Theory and Practice: Hey, where's my thread?

When the main thread in a single-threaded application throws an unhandled exception, as the console prints the stack trace (also because the program stops), you are likely to notice. However, in multithreaded applications, especially in applications

Asynchronous and parallel patterns in F # (3

The 1th part describes how F #, as a parallel and asynchronous language, supports lightweight response operations and gives two modes of CPU asynchronous parallel and I/O asynchronous parallelism. Part 2nd describes how to obtain results from

Messaging middleware and Getting started with WebSphere MQ

First, message-oriented middleware overview Message Queuing technology is a technique for exchanging information between distributed applications. Message queues can reside on memory or on disk, and queues store messages until they are read by the

How to use SendMail under the AIX operating system

First, the basic knowledge:SendMail is the most widely used message transfer agent in a UNIX environment, SendMail mail server features powerful but complex configuration, sendmail version upgrades very frequently, The SendMail version number used

Integrating enterprise applications with Amazon Web Services

A queue is a temporary data structure used to store messages waiting to be processed. Amazon Simple queue Services (Amazon SQS) is a highly available scalable message queue that supports WEB services. The main benefits of Amazon SQS include:

WCF distributed development step by step wins: WCF Service offline operations and Message Queuing MSMQ

Previously wrote an article on MSMQ Message Queuing: WCF Distributed Development Essentials (1): MSMQ Message Queuing, which was also used as a basic article for learning about WCF Message Queuing MSMQ programming. In that article, we introduced the

Draft text for the compilation tutorial

In this lesson, we'll learn how to "draw" strings in the client area of a window. We will also learn about the "device environment" concept. Theory: The text in Windows is a GUI (graphical user interface) object. Each character is actually made up

Accessing IBM I data queues using IBM Java Toolbox for I

Process communication is a very important part of the operating system kernel. For IBM i, data queues are a very important way of process communication. On the one hand, data queues are powerful, are not limited by programming languages, and can

23 Tips for C # development and use

1. How to customize Vc#datagrid column headings? DataGridTableStyle Dgts = new DataGridTableStyle (); Dgts. MappingName = "MyTable"; MyTable for the DataTable to load data    DataGridTextBoxColumn DGCs = new DataGridTextBoxColumn (); DGCs.

Linux environment Programming-IPC MSG Queue

Message Queuing In the SYSTEMV version of UNIX, At&t introduced three new forms of IPC functionality (Message Queuing, semaphores, and shared memory). But the BSD version of UNIX uses a nested interface as the main form of IPC. The Linux system

A preliminary study of Java multithreaded programming

What is multithreaded programming Multithread programming technology is an important feature of Java language. The meaning of multithreaded programming is to divide a program task into several parallel subtasks. Especially in network programming,

Application of Message queue in the development of database

Data | Database Let's start with a quick look at what is Message Queuing (MSMQ)? Message Queuing is the basis for communication in Windows MSMQ,WIN95/98/ME/XP, which does not include Message Queuing services but supports clients, and is also used to

Message processing in (MSMQ) a

I. MSMQ introduction and installation of Message Queuing MSMQ is the English abbreviation for Microsoft Message Queuing. Advantages of using Message Queuing: Stability, message priority, offline capabilities, and security. Message Queuing is

. The use skill of timer class in NET Framework class library

Timers typically play an important role, whether in client applications or server components, including window services. Writing an efficient timer-driven manageable code requires a clear understanding and mastery of the program flow. The subtlety

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