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jquery Tutorial: The use of the jquery core approach

Today we'll delve into the core of jquery. jquery Object access: Each (callback)//According to my understanding, each is a cyclic mechanism in jquery. Typically used with this keyword. Friends who have studied the program know that there are

HTML 5 form new function resolution

The wheels of time roll over, the front end of the road never stop. For this front end this is a lot of expertise, any technological innovation, we must first to learn about it, such as the web world of this beautiful flowers---HTML 5. Although HTML

A comparison of several methods of CSS "hidden" elements

When it comes to CSS hidden elements, I think the first way that most of our partners will think about it is to set the display to none. This is the best known and most commonly used method. I'm sure there are a lot of people who think that using

cube– from Ali's mom's CSS (style) solution


The cube was created by the Ali Mom team. Taken from the movie "Cube". The cube in the movie is an intricate cube, the name of which is the hope that the project will return to the original meaning of the cube, and the vision of the film, that the

Resolve Flexbox Cross-browser Compliant bugs

As early as September 2013, when I tested my solved by Flexbox project, I found a bug in IE10 and IE11 that sticky footer actually didn't paste at the bottom of the page. I spent a lot of time to solve the problem, but I never succeeded. At first,

asp.net mvc upload avatar plus clipping function

Just the project used to upload + clipping function, sent up to facilitate later use. I can not tell you are actually from the blog garden Grilled front code, haha. Front end is jquery+fineuploader+jquery. Jcrop Backstage is asp.net mvc 4 The

Web production Knowledge: DIV+CSS interview topics


1. Does the hover style not appear after the hyperlink access? The hyperlinks that have been clicked are not hover and active, and the workaround is to change the order of the CSS properties: l-v-h-a Double margin Bug for 2.ie6 For example: Float

Image Adaptive solution under the Web page standard Div+css

css| Standard | resolution | Web page | Adapting to us (especially a rookie like me) often encounters a problem--the picture is adaptive. This problem is very common. In the article area, in the forum, you can say: where the need to upload pictures,

DIV+CSS layout Web pages must be considered by browser-compatible tips

css| Skills | browser | Web page 1, different interpretations of the box interpreter.#box { width:600px; For ie6.0- w\idth:500px; For ff+ie6.0 } #box { Width:600px!important//for FF width:600px; For ff+ie6.0 Width/**/:500px; For ie6.0- } 2, hide

Web Standard Web page layout: Implement to center multiple Div

Web|web Standard | Web page untitled document test 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 [Ctrl + A ALL SELECT hint: You can modify some of the code, and then run] untitled documenttest2345678910111213

Equal Height Columns--div+css

CSS translation: Forestgan This is a typical three-row two-column layout, each column height (not sure which column height) is the same, is the goal of each designer, according to the general practice, most of the use of background map fill, add JS

CSS Instance Tutorial: Making floating Layer overlay effect in Web pages

Article Introduction: CSS Overlay Tips. There are several techniques for creating a matte chart: from using absolutely positioned elements to outline and pseudo elements. In this article, we will explore the implementation styles of each

Web page Layout Tutorial: The use of BFC and margin Collapse

Article Introduction: deep understanding of BFC and margin Collapse. Understanding and application of BFCFirst of all, let's look at the interpretation of BFC by the rules of the world's standard, in fact, we always suggest to look for

CSS3 has enhanced media types more user-friendly support for mobile devices

Article Introduction: one of the most important new features of the CSS2.1 specification is the introduction of media types, which is the 10 values of media types, not often used. One of the most important new features of the CSS2.1

Automatically generate icons Sprite using sass mixins

Article Introduction: Sass mixins--supports retina icons Sprite. Retina Sprite Icon--the front-end staff on your site can easily be automatically generated using SASS Mixins. However, you need to install sass and compass in your project

Web page Production Tips Summary: CSS Center Encyclopedia Code

Article Introduction: CSS Center Encyclopedia I see the recent micro-blog Popular CSS Center technology, foreigners code to write related articles, a race a long ah, I summed up a few summed up, is a note.Once said: "Anise beans back to

Nodejs static files: Using Nodejs to compress js,css static resources

1.[js compression]uglifyjs Source.js-mc-o target.min.js To compress Angular.js as an example, can compress local variable name, remove useless local variable, blank character, etc., compression ratio is close to 80%, the efficiency is

CSS3 Grid Layout module: Grid Layout implementation page layout

Article Introduction: a task of the CSS3 grid layout module is to help us deal with very simple and clear any web-imposer (not only), most likely a content block in a virtual network location. Objective In my opinion, the CSS3 grid layout

CSS responsive design: No need to adjust HTML random layout page


Article Introduction: CSS in the future and improvement of responsive design. The importance of images in responsive design: In response to the design of the image is a key point, different device images have different display

What is responsive design? Making responsive design

Article Introduction: What is responsive design? Some students think responsive design is adaptive layout, but also some students think responsive is grid layout. In fact, these ideas are not correct. Responsive design for me is not

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