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jquery and CSS to create a cool dynamic menu

This tutorial step-by-step explains how to use JQuery and CSS to create a cool, dynamic menu. jquery's "Write less, do more" feature is a household name, even if there is no very rich JS programming experience, can also be provided by the API

DIV+CSS Design website facilitates optimization

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: Your location: Home page Design html/css/div div+css Design The advantages of the website DIV+CSS design The advantages of the website 2008-03-18 Author: Source: Network "medium-sized Your

Advantages of DIV+CSS Layout

Introduce the advantages of DIV+CSS, Arisisi suggest friends, do the best to use the station DIV+CSS layout. The industry is more and more concerned about the standardization of DIV+CSS design, to major portals, small to countless personal sites,

With keyword in javascript

Talking about the WITH keyword in JS, the first impression of many small partners may be that the WITH keyword is used to change the scope, and then the most critical point is not recommended using the WITH keyword. When you hear that the WITH

LABJS, Requirejs, Seajs which is the best use? Why?

The core of LABJS is LAB (Loading and Blocking): Loading refers to asynchronous parallel loading, and Blocking refers to synchronous waiting for execution. Labjs through elegant grammar (script and wait) to achieve these two characteristics, the

Using XML data island to make address Book with Dom

In general, if you want to provide the site with an address book program, the need to use CGI combined with the background database technology, the requirements of the Web server is relatively high, in many do not provide database functionality of

The actual combat of XML volume (2)--Dynamic query

Query function is the most common and most commonly used function module that we have seen on the website. Previous information queries are connected to the database, each click must be back to the background database support. However, in many cases,

The actual combat of XML volume (1)--Dynamic sorting

The sorting function makes the data on our page more humanized, which is a common function effect we have seen on the website. In the past, automatic sorting was done with a lot of scripting code, which is a difficult thing for the average

HTML table Border Settings tips

For many beginners of HTML, table is the most commonly used tag, but for the control of table borders, many beginners do not have their solution. For many beginners of HTML, table is the most commonly used tag, but for the control of table borders,

Learning HTML is the only way to make Web pages

After reading this article, you can view the source code of our website. What are the advantages of learning HTML language? 1: Easy to modify your website, blog structure of the web.2: SEO site optimization is very useful place.3: Copycat, by

How to differentiate processing two submit buttons

There are two submit buttons (such as "modify" "delete") on a form form and only one action processing page How do you distinguish between "modify" or "delete" in this action page? Method 1:If the form form is like this: You can read the value

Picture implementation scrolling load in HTML page of mobile device

Now the mobile Internet is popular all over the world, moving the elements of the page is also rich and colorful, a mobile page of more than 10 pictures has been a normal thing. But in contrast, many mobile users are still stuck in a network like 2g,

CSS3 using a custom font to implement small icons icon

Recently in doing a project, studied the front of Sina Weibo, see the first page of that icon, the previous view of this kind of effect of the first reaction is to use an icon such as GIF to make!! But in the course of the study, a little trick was

Some of the best prohibited functions in php.ini (Diables

PHP has a lot of functions, some functions are not safe, so we need to ban. So which functions are dangerous. Phpinfo ()   function Description: Output PHP environment information and related modules, WEB environment and other information.   Risk MVC gets the Dynamic HTML code for a view in the controller

If we need dynamic Ajax from the server to get HTML code, stitching strings is a bad way, so we write the HTML code in the cshtml file, and then through the code into the model, dynamically get cshtml in the HTML code Of course, we want to use the

JSP Web Development environment Configuration and use FCKeditor Editor

FCKeditor is an open source project above, which implements the functions of the Online Web page editor, allowing web programs to have powerful editing capabilities such as MS Word. FCKeditor is an open source project above

Master-slave configuration of MySQL database

Requires two hosts, respectively, as the primary server and from the serverPrimary server ip: from serverFirst of all, configure the MySQL service on two services, see HTTP://WWW.178-GO.COM/ARCHIVES/76On the primary server:#

Oracle Installation tutorial on Solaris 11

Recently, because of the need, to learn the development of Oracle applications on the Solaris system. The Solaris one for x86 was downloaded from Sun's web site, and the Oracle 10g Realse 2 ( x86 was downloaded from the Oracle Web site for

Redhat installation oracle10g 64-bit Enterprise Edition

Test by extracting Oracle software #gunzip 10201_DATABASE_LINUX_X86_64.CPIO.GZ#CPIO-IDMV 2. 1) Whether the required installation package is complete # rpm-q gcc make binutils openmotif setarch libXp2) Insert the Redhat 5 installation CD, open in

Oracle installation experience for reference

There are problems with Oracle installed in the School lab room, the Tnslistener service will not start (auto shutdown after startup). And SPL Plus can also be used normally. A similar question was found from Baidu, which is said to have been

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