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MongoDB server-related selection and foundation optimization reference

Hard Drive selection 1. The hard disk has the condition as far as possible chooses the SAS disk, does not have the money the Choice SSD, Funsion-io and so on, moreover. SATA disks can also be considered selectively according to the original

Linux under MongoDB installation and startup process

A go to the directory to extract the downloaded compressed package LAMP@QA-CLG server$ TAR-ZXVF mongodb.tgz Second after installation view: [LAMP@QA-CLG mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.4.6]$ CD Bin [LAMP@QA-CLG bin]$ ls Bsondump mongodump mongoimport

10 ways to improve MongoDB security

MongoDB provides a range of components to enhance the security of your data. Data security is most important in MongoDB-so it uses these components to reduce the exposure surface. Here are 10 tips you can use to improve the security of your personal

Introduction to the Enode framework: A design approach to message queues

In the last article, it briefly introduces the whole realization idea inside the enode frame, and uses the thought of staged event-driven architecture. Through the previous article, we know that there are two types of queues inside Enode: Command

Manage the system management and monitoring of MONGODB cluster needs

First, master. With the increase of the amount of data single MongoDB server has not met the status quo, so use the master-slave cluster Master-slave replication is the most MongoDB most commonly used replication methods, his biggest feature is

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