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Count 2012 Ten Open source projects

The old year is just past, it is time to make a summary of the time, and talk about our future prospects. In this article, I will take you together to review the 2012 years of the most successful ten open source projects. Apache Hadoop From

MongoDB Learning Notes (v) MongoDB file access Operations

Because the document structure of MongoDB is in the Bjson format (bjson full name: Binary JSON), and the Bjson format itself supports data in binary format, you can save the data in binary format of the file directly into the MongoDB document

MongoDB server-related selection and foundation optimization reference

Hard Drive selection 1. The hard disk has the condition as far as possible chooses the SAS disk, does not have the money the Choice SSD, Funsion-io and so on, moreover. SATA disks can also be considered selectively according to the original

Nodejs Development Microblogging Example

This article to share is the use of node.js to achieve the development of micro-blog instances, mainly after reading the Nodejs Development Guide found that many of the code has not been used, the reason is the Express version of the upgrade, so

Pymongo realizes the method of controlling the addition of digital field in MongoDB

This article mainly introduced the Pymongo realizes the control MongoDB the numerical field to do the addition the method, involves Python uses the Pymongo module operation MongoDB database field The skill, has certain reference value, the need

DB2 NoSQL JSON feature (i) DB2 NoSQL JSON Introduction

Fast-changing application environments require a flexible mechanism for storing data and passing data between different application tiers. As it turns out, JSON (Java Script Object notation) is an important technology for moving, interactive

MongoDB Combat (3) fixed set and Gridfs

One, fixed set (Capped Collection) The capped collections is an excellent set of fixed sizes, recently (aging out) processing with LRU (least Used age-out least used) rule and insertion order, automatically maintaining the insertion order of

Senior programmer to share short web site development operation and maintenance experience

Hide a pit under each radish. The number of daily redirects of 955 short URLs is up to 4 million, the main cost is the user data storage and analysis of redirecting request. After experiencing the memory bottleneck, IO bottleneck, the peak reached

MongoDB Master-slave + fragmentation cluster configuration

Sharding One Tar zxvf mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.2.0.tgz MV Mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.2.0/usr/local/mongo Mkdir-p/usr/local/mongo/data/shard1_1 Mkdir-p/usr/local/mongo/data/shard2_1

Introduction to the Enode Framework: a framework for physical deployment ideas

In the last article, it introduces the overall goal of the Enode framework, and how to realize the idea of high throughput, low latency, high availability and no single point problem. In this article, we'll analyze some other issues that need to be

Bugs and strategies for PHP-driven MongoDB integer problems

The integer problem in this article is not a mongodb problem, but a php-driven problem: The MongoDB itself has two types of integers: 32-bit integers and 64-bit integers, but older PHP drivers, regardless of the operating system's 32-bit or 64-bit,

Pymongo a simple implementation method for creating indexes for MongoDB

This article mainly introduced the Pymongo to MongoDB to create the index simple implementation method, involves Python uses Pymongo module to operate the MongoDB the skill, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under The following code

Java using MongoDB

My Computer environment: Win7 64-bit system 1. Installation MongoDB Go to the website to download Http:// Choose the version that suits your system. After the download good decompression, I am decompression in D disk,

PHP implementation of the MongoDB action class

Speaking of PHP even MongoDB, had to first introduce the official PHP manual, Web site in: book.mongo.php, next to share a I commonly used MongoDB operation class, see the database operations have, small partners can

How to build a distributed session subsystem of. NET based on MongoDB

Taobao has her own distributed session framework, the. NET camp can not lag behind, did a mongodb based on the support of up to 26 MongoDB distributed session framework. First look at the configuration file: SessionDB mongodb://localhost

MongoDB Sixth Lecture

? MongoDB Start Configuration detailed 1. Startup Item Mongod--help 1.1 Use config profile to start database change port to 8888 mongodb.conf file DBPath = D:appmongodata Port = 8888 Startup file Mongod.exe--config mongodb.conf

Prepare for first-time deployment MongoDB: capacity Planning and monitoring

If you have finished developing your new MongoDB application and are now ready to deploy it into the product, you and your operations team need to discuss some key issues: What is the best deployment practice? What key metrics do we need to

A database of fragmented relationships in cloud computing

E-commerce, social media, mobile communications and machine to machine data exchange all produce terabytes and even petabytes of data, they are the enterprise IT departments must be stored and processed. Mastering fragmentation best practices is an

Speed snapshots and compressed backups of MongoDB using LVM

Here using LVM Logical disk for MongoDB, MongoDB to more than dozens of G, the speed of backup with the MongoDB tool, will make us feel very slow pain, this time we can carry out the MONGDB Data directory for LVM snapshot backup. LVM reference

DB2 NoSQL for JSON feature (iv) using IBM NoSQL Wire Listener for DB2

Before you start IBM NoSQL Wire Listener for DB2 (hereinafter referred to as "Wired Listener") provides the following features: Enables developers to use the skills they acquire in the process of storing the JSON document in DB2. It also supports

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