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Easily encrypt 2.0 Web program configuration information

First, Introduction When creating 2.0 applications, developers typically store sensitive configuration information in Web.config files. The most typical example is the database connection string, but other sensitive information included in

Getting Started with Java programs running on the. NET

Program Summary IKVM. NET is a MonoAnd the Java implementation of the Microsoft. NET Framework, designed to run Java programs on the. NET platform. This article will give a more detailed introduction to the rationale of the tool, how to get started

CLR comprehensive and thorough parsing: using CORECLR to write Silverlight

Silverlight™2 contains a number of changes to the Windows®presentation Foundation (WPF) UI framework: New controls, Rich network APIs, and digital Rights Management (DRM) support. One of the major changes in Silverlight 2 is the ability to write WEB

A study of Visual C # boxing and unboxing

Visual C # Boxing and unboxing research 2004-09-15 Author: Origin: CSDN Before we begin to discuss this issue, we may wish to ask a few questions to systematically understand the subject we are exploring today. The viewer may have used countless

Using WinDbg to explore the JIT process of the CLR World [3] Tracking method

The procedure was intended to introduce WINDBG using SOS to debug the CLR program in accordance with the sorting of commands on SOS's Help file, but it was not intuitive enough. Instead of the actual case of my analysis of the CLR, step by step

How to use. Action and Func generic delegate in net

delegate, which occupies a very important place in C # programming, a delegate can encapsulate a function into a delegate object, and multiple delegates can be merged into a delegate, which can be stored, passed, and invoked as normal objects, so

". Net Micro Framework portingkit–14" TINYCLR compilation and testing

Since TINYCLR's code is not related to hardware, what we do is add different feature to the actual needs, in addition to a reasonable configuration of the stack and the location of the code store. Its main work, specifically, is to fix the

C # 3.0 new feature creation and initialization collection objects

Create | objects | collections    first, the introductionThe new object initializer in C # 3.0 is a simple syntax feature that enables the construction and initialization of objects to be very simple. Suppose you have a class student that looks

. Analysis of loading principle of CLR program under NET Platform

Program Flier Lu Note: This series of articles in the Water Wood Tsinghua BBS ( of the. NET version of the start, Reprint please keep the above information, please contact the author Unlike native code in a traditional Win32 executable

An exception occurred under Win7 64 digits: The object reference was not set to an instance of the object

Hello, Win7 Does this problem, has been feedback to the author, in fact, many. NET write application will appear such a mistake, and then ignore it, can continue to use the good, this does not seem to be. Computer simulation instrument software 1.20

The ultimate weapon in solving. NET development problems

Solve | The problem these two days are looking for a job online. Yesterday a netizen asked a question, said SendMessage in. NET call failed. I looked at his code, which was written in So I switched to C # to write a little test

C # Editor Csc.exe parameters detailed

CSC.exe has many parameters and switch options when compiling Visual C # program code into IL files. The correct understanding and application of these parameters and switches can sometimes solve seemingly intractable problems. Here is a table to

The. Net Discovery series four deep understanding. NET garbage collection mechanism (bottom)

The previous section gives you an introduction to the operating mechanism of the. Net GC, and the following are important methods related to GC. Section II. GC Key Method Analysis 1.Dispose () method Dispose can be used to release all resources,

Use CSC.exe to compile Visual C # code files to explain the specific role of CSC parameters and switches

visual| compilation The compiler for Visual C # is significantly different from the compilers of previous programming languages. The biggest difference is that the previous program compiler is to compile the program code to build the machine

C # struct class differences

C # Struct/class Differences struct direct{//...} Class indirect{//...} Events are locked? Exist on stack or heap? Can cause garbage collection? Meaning of this? Always has a default constructor? Default construction triggers static construction?

"C # to Il" chapter II IL Foundation

- If you really want to understand C # code, the best way to do that is by understanding the code generated by the C # compiler. This is the focus of this chapter and the following two chapters. We will use a short C # program to uncover the

WPF Learning Notes

Microsoft defines XAML as a "simple", "generic", "declarative" programming language. This means that we will see it in more places (such as Silverlight), and it is obviously more logical to handle than its original version of XML, which is a

C # 3.0 lambda expressions for the new feature experience

C#2.0 introduces a new feature-anonymous method that allows developers to declare their own function code online (inline) without using a delegate function (delegate function). C#3.0 provides a new feature--LAMBDA expression that provides a more

Further discussion on the virtual function of the constructor function call

function on the blog to see an article "FxCop constructorsshouldnotcallbaseclassvirtualmethods norms," the original: Archive/2004/08/11/71766.aspx Quite interested in writing a piece of code research (the estimate is

The difference between DBNull and null

DBNull class Represents a value that does not exist. This class cannot be inherited. Namespaces: System Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll) The DBNull class represents a value that does not exist. For example, in a table in a database, a column

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