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MySQL Create, delete, and select databases

3.3 Creating, deleting, and selecting databasesMySQL provides three database-level statements: Create database for creating databases, drop database to delete databases, use to select the default database.1. CREATE DATABASE StatementCreating a

MySQL Common SQL statements

A useful common statement. MySQL Display database or table: The following are the referenced contents:Show databases;//can then use database_name;Show tables; MySQL Change table name: ALTER TABLE table_name rename new_t; MySQL Add columns:

Understanding MySQL CREATE function/drop FUNCTION syntax

A custom Function (UDF) extends MySQL by using a new function like an intrinsic (built-in) function like ABS () or CONCAT (). CREATE [AGGREGATE] FUNCTION function_name RETURNS {STRING|INTEGER|REAL}     SONAME shared_library_name DROP FUNCTION

mysqladmin command usage in MySQL

Use the shell to write a script to monitor the running state of the MySQL process, test if you can connect to MySQL, if not, send an email to the police. As for how to monitor, in fact there are many commands, such as most of the commands in the

LNMP fully functional compilation install for CentOS 6.3 notes

Linux operating system: centOS6.3 64bit nginx:nginx-1.4.0 mysql:mysql-5.6.10 php:php-5.4.13 I. Installing the development pack (using the default CentOS update source): # yum-y Install wget gcc-c++ ncurses ncurses-devel cmake make Perl bison

MySQL Create a calculated field

1, Field Fields are similar to column meanings, database columns are generally called columns, and fields generally refer to calculated fields 2, splicing the field Stitching--Connecting values together to form a single value Concat () function

Change your site from MySQL to PostgreSQL

"Guide" This article is divided into two parts, the first part of my motives for this conversion, and step-by-step explanation of how the existing MySQL data into the postgres. The second part will explain how to adjust PHP to the new database

Related statements for managing tables and indexes in MySQL

1. Create a table MySQL Create a table is implemented through CREATE TABLE statement, syntax here is not introduced, very complex, you can go to the official online query, fortunately, we do not need to remember all the options, because most of the

MySQL Create function 1418 error resolution

This article is the creation of a function in MySQL "ERROR 1418" solution to the detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends to copy the code code below: Error code:1418 This function has none of the deterministic, NO SQL, or reads

mysql+php garbled principle and solution

Mysql+php generated garbled reason: MySQL database default encoding is UTF8, if this code and your PHP page is inconsistent, may cause MySQL garbled; MySQL creates a table when you choose an encoding, if this encoding and your Web page encoding is

Oracle 10g vs PostgreSQL 8 vs MySQL 5 (peripheral features rating)

Mysql|oracle This is my comparison's installing and getting started with Oracle 10g, PostgreSQL 8 and MySQL 5. This is what I consider the comparison of the ' art for three categories to db:commercial vs. Academe vs. Internet Model. This is a

MySQL Create a new user command

Log on to the database"Command prompt character" window entry,Input CD C:mysqlbin and press ENTER to switch directory to CD C:mysqlbinAnd then type the command mysql-uroot-p, enter after the prompt you to lose the password, if just installed MySQL,

MySQL Common SQL statements

MySQL Display database or table: Show databases;//can then use database_name; Show tables; MySQL Change table name: ALTER TABLE table_name rename new_t; MySQL Add columns: ALTER TABLE table_name ADD column c_n column attributes; MySQL Delete

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