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MySQL Tutorial: Introduction to the use of explain

Explain shows how MySQL uses indexes to process SELECT statements and join tables. can help you choose better indexes and write more optimized query statements.How to: Add explain before the SELECT statement. such as EXPLAIN SELECT * from ' users '

ASP connection MySQL Database code

ASP tutorial link MySQL Tutorial database tutorial several code strconnection = "dsn=hc188;driver={myodbd driver};server=localhost;uid=root;pwd=;d atabase=hc188"Set adodataconn = Server.CreateObject ("Adodb.connection")

Server installation MySQL tutorial and precautions

Server | Tutorial |mysql Considerations for installing and using MySQL on the server First, how to get the latest version of MySQL? To install MySQL, first of course to get its latest version, although we all know in FreeBSD packages can find

MySQL Tutorial: Checking data tables and repairing data tables

Database in operation, because of human factors or some force majeure factors caused by data corruption. So in order to protect data security and minimize downtime, we need to develop detailed backup/recovery plans and regularly test the

A tutorial on the use of concat functions in MySQL

This article mainly introduces the use of concat function in MySQL tutorial, is the basic knowledge of Python introductory learning, need friends can refer to the Use the MySQL CONCAT () function to concatenate two strings to form a single string.

MySQL Tutorial: 1067 Error resolution

1 After installing MySQL, change the root password and use NET Startmysql I ran into this problem when I started. After using the following command C:mysqlbinmysqladmin-u root-p shutdown Again net start MySQL does not have this error hint! 2

MySQL Tutorial: Unix timestamp and date conversion functions

Unix timestamp converted to date function: From_unixtime () Select From_unixtime (1156219870); Date converted to UNIX timestamp function: Unix_timestamp () Select unix_timestamp (' 2006-11-04 12:23:00′);

MySQL Tutorial: Database specific operations

1. Connecting to the database server $./mysql-h Host_name-u User_name-p -H HOST_NAME (--host=host_name), the connected database hostname, can be omitted if on the local host. -U user_name (--user=user_name), database username, on UNIX systems,

MySQL Tutorial: A summary of the lock mechanism in MySQL

Original link: Today to briefly summarize the locking mechanism of MySQL, improper welcome to PAT Bricks! 1, for MySQL, there are three kinds of lock level: page level, table level, row level.

MySQL Tutorial windows 7/8 Connect local MySQL slow how to do

The recent local debugging site when individual programs such as PHPCMS has been this problem, the speed is unusually slow, and occasionally found the following article, just reminded me, the original question like this ... When I recently

CentOS System compilation installation nginx+php environment plus a separate MySQL tutorial

Front End (nginx+php) ip: Back end (independent MySQL) ip: Software version: libiconv-1.14.tar.gz mysql-5.1.63.tar.gz php-5.2.17.tar.gz php-5.2.17-fpm-0.5.14.diff.gz Php-5.2.17-max-input-vars.patch 1. Install MySQL on the

MySQL Beginners guide to use and introduction

mysql| Beginners MySQL Beginners guide to use and introduction One, the connection MySQL. Format: mysql-h host address-u user name-P user Password 1, Example 1: Connect to MySQL on this machine. First in the Open DOS window, and then into the

MySQL Tutorial: Establishing an encrypted connection

Encrypted connections can improve the security of your data, but degrade performance. To make an encrypted connection, the following requirements must be met: The user permission table must have an associated SSL data column. If the installed MySQL

A tutorial on using the SUM function in MySQL

This article mainly introduces the use of the SUM function in MySQL tutorial, is the basic knowledge of MySQL introductory learning, the need for friends can refer to the The sum function of MySQL is used to find the sum of the various fields in

MySQL Tutorial: teach you to specify a directory for root users

After you install a new MySQL server yourself, you need to specify a directory for the root user of MySQL (default no password), otherwise if you forget this, you will have your MySQL in a very insecure state (at least for a period of time). On

MySQL Tutorial: Insert record in primary table get ID from table

In MySQL, the Auto_increment type ID field is used as the primary key of the table, and it forms a "master-slave table structure" as a foreign key to other tables, which is a common usage in database design. But when it comes to generating IDs, we

Using MySQL built-in function to realize full-text search function

MATCH (Col1,col2,...) Against (expr [in BOOLEAN MODE | With QUERY expansion]) MySQL supports Full-text indexing and search capabilities.  The index of the Full-text indexed type fulltext in MySQL. Fulltext indexes can be used only for MyISAM tables;

MySQL Tutorial: Database character substitution and use of the Replace function

Sometimes you can use the Replace function when you want to replace the contents of a field in a database: The syntax is as follows: UPDATE tb1 SET f1=replace (F1, ' abc ', ' Def '); REPLACE (STR,FROM_STR,TO_STR) All occurrences of the string

MySQL service failed to start (1067) solution

MySQL Tutorial service failed to start (1067) solution After the MySQL program uninstall, reload, the result of MySQL service can not start, Workaround: 1: Uninstall MySQL First, manually remove all clean files from its installation directory. 2:

A collection of common MySQL commands

First, connect MySQL Format: mysql-h host address-u user name-P user Password 1, Example 1: Connect to MySQL on this machine. First in the Open DOS window, and then into the directory Mysqlbin, and then type the command mysql-uroot-p, enter after

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