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Before making a website look at these good web pages technical specifications

Specification | Web page Naming conventionsThe principle of file naming: To achieve the most understandable meaning with the fewest letters. general file and directory naming conventions: Each directory should contain a default HTML file, the file

Using object dependencies in SQL Server 2008

Previous versions of SQL Server did not do a good job of tracking object dependencies. The reason is that all object dependencies are tracked by object IDs, which means that the object must be present at the outset. However, tracking objects by objec

Symbian Basic specification: naming convention

Profile Applications on Symbian OS use a standard set of conventions to name classes (Class), structs (struct), variables (variable), functions (function), macros (macros), enumerations (enumeration), and constants (constant )。 This topic explains t

Web Standardization Design: a common CSS naming convention

Css|web|web Standard | design   Common CSS naming rules Header: Header Content: Content/container Tail: Footer Navigation: Nav Sidebar: Sidebar Column: Column Page perimeter control overall layout width: Wrapper Left Right Center Login Bar: Loginbar

80004005 common error causes and solutions in ASP

Error | Troubleshooting error message: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ' 80004005 ' [microsoft][odbc Microsoft Access Driver] the Microsoft Jet Databaseengine cannot open the file ' (unknown) '. It is already opened exclusively by a

PS Management and Specification V1

This is an important but easily overlooked area, many people do not have the document specification and management awareness; As a designer, the establishment of document specifications and management

PB Object Naming specification

Author: Xingda Computer technology company ( Guo Baoli Objects here are objects that can appear in the PB library, and the relevant specifications for the controls are described later. First, naming convention A. The part name c

Troubleshooting Java code: Eliminating coupling associations between packages

One of the recurring problems in test-priority programming (Test-first programming) is that it seems impossible to automate many parts of a program. Especially when the program is to a large extent to

Host multiple applications| Program Summary of this moduleMicrosoft®windows®server 2000 and the Windows server™2003 operating system provide a very scalable, very reliable Web hosting environment. They can be used to securely host hundreds of web sites and appl

How many computers share a printer

The first step: Connect the printer to the host, turn on the printer power, go to the Printers and Faxes folder through the console's control Panel, right-click in the blank, select the Add Printer command, and open the Add Printer wizard window. Sel

Reduce the hassle of sharing folder porting using the File Server Migration Tool

Because many administrators experience updates to Windows 2003 server from earlier versions of the Windows Server operating system (for example, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000), Most of them have experienced migration problems and the merging of sha

Common keys and grammars for programming languages

I often switch back and forth between programming languages; I always wonder how this or that syntax will make you more articulate and quicker to write programs if you use different syntaxes. I'm not

PHP Debugging Tools xdebug Installation Configuration Tutorial

Speaking of PHP code debugging, for experienced phper, through the Echo, Print_r, Var_dump function, or PHP development tools Zend Studio, EditPlus can solve most of the problems, but for the introduc

Log analysis tool Awstats analysis results static

Objective: Awstats is a Perl based WEB log analysis tool that develops quickly on SourceForge, and a full log analysis allows Awstats to display your following information: Number of visits, unique visitors,Access time and last visit,User authentic

Renaming of table foreign keys in Oracle systems

The foreign key of the table in Oracle is a means to guarantee the referential integrity of the system, while referential integrity refers to the constraint relationship with the principal and subordinate properties that are satisfied by the columns

Quality of program development and standardization of management in Chinese universities ' work-study websites

Standard | Procedure this standardized document is mainly aimed at the existing technology and development direction of Chinese University Work-Study website (hereinafter referred to as Zhong Qin online), and makes a detailed specification for the de

Creating a Stored Procedure

Create | Stored procedures in MS SQL Server 2000, there are two ways to create a stored procedure: one is using the Transaction-sql command create Procedure, and the other is using a graphical administration tool Enterprise Manager. Creating stored p

Text substitution based interpreter: introduction of continuation

When I wrote here, I was surprised. Environment, storage these comparisons are so familiar, continuation came out first. Wikipedia's translation of continuation is "continuity." The translator always feels a bit Shong and that item is also too unplea

Analysis and expansion of Java Dynamic Proxy mechanism, part 2nd

This article wants to extend the Java dynamic proxy mechanism from the interface to the class, so that the class can enjoy the dynamic proxy support similar to the interface. Design and characteristi

About the news system that generates HTML files

Generate Html| News System The general transmission of the ID value of the news system is more likely to be produced is not very complicated.But the news that we see on Sina or other portal class website is not passed by ID, but an HTML or s

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