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Developing COM + components under. Net

First, the question of the proposed: (Listed below I encountered the problem) 1, each request of end user, will read mapping file--can be solved by caching; 2, the XXX subsystem needs to write mapping files--can also be written to memory and then

Win 7 System Forget administrator password how to do

First of all: First, use the installation disk (with PE system) into the PE system (Windows or Linux can) Two. Modify the Magnify.exe under C:windowssystem32 into Cmd.exe (copy cmd.exe, modified to Magnify.exe) Three. In the login interface,

. NET application tips: Use of unmanaged COM components

As we all know, is created based on the common language runtime, the so-called managed execution environment. The generated code is called managed code. The compiler is able to generate metadata information from the description of the source

Use NET command to synchronize local area network files with batch update

Now everyone wants to have a sync software to meet the network directory or file updates to reduce their workload, now there are a lot of software on the network to achieve this goal, such as synchronization experts, but these software needs to

The DOS commands that the computer master had to know.

The DOS commands that the computer master had to know: One, at command The purpose of this command is to schedule a particular command and program to be executed at a specific date or time (used together with the net TIME command). When we know

Getting Started with COM +

COM + was already generated as early as the window2000 was released and integrated into the operating system, The runtime is in the form of a service. COM + adds a series of MTS (a system service that Used to manage persistent data in a database and

Another solution to XP forgetting your password

The Windows XP startup script (startup scripts) is a batch file that the computer runs before the logon screen appears, and functions like an automated batch file Autoexec.bat in Windows 9x and DOS.With this feature, you can write a batch file to

Asp. Ten skills of net programming| Programming | Tips In this paper, we will discuss 10 techniques that programmers need to be aware of when using to develop applications that involve changes from the default controls, table Single-name to StringBuilder classes, and

Alternative Resources

Alternative Resources Stingy God, 2001.08.25 Suddenly found himself IE favorites in the dotnet link slowly more, from the beginning of the one or two to now more and more links. I think it's because more and more people are starting to be

How to write an event log in

The text contains information about editing the registry. Before you edit the registry, be sure to understand how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For information about how to restore the registry, see the "Restore Registry" Help

How to change the Windows XP user password with no knowledge

1. Use the XP system boot disk to start the computer. Write a batch file to recover the password a.bat, only need one "n et user" command: "N et user rwd 12345678". The meaning of this command is to set the user RWD password to "12345678" (for the

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration complete article (2)

Second, close the unwanted services to open the appropriate audit policy I have closed the following services Computer Browser maintains the latest list of computers on the network and provides this list Task Scheduler allows a program to run at a

Using unmanaged COM components in| Hosting As we all know, is created based on the common language runtime, the so-called managed execution environment. The generated code is called managed code. The compiler is able to generate metadata information from the

Let the DNS server support pan domain name resolution

Many enterprises have set up a number of Web sites to meet the needs of employees, in order to save money, these sites usually use the virtual host technology, that is, on the same server to set up multiple sites, employees use level two domain

DOS access to the Network Neighborhood

If Windows suddenly does not start properly, and the required files are saved in a shared resource in your network Neighborhood, are you unable to access them? Is it not possible to use the Network Neighborhood command in Windows to access it

Using Microsoft Visual C # for Microsoft Word 2002 and Excel 2002 programming (i)

Excel|visual|word| Programming Microsoft Word 2002 and Excel 2002 programming using Microsoft Visual C # Kerry Loynd and Siew-moi Khor Microsoft Corporation October 2002 Apply to: Microsoft®office XP Microsoft Visual c#™ Summary: Learn about COM

Create a Windows service with. Net

window| creation We will look at how to create an application that serves as a Windows service. Content contains what Windows services are, how to create, install, and debug them. The class that will use the System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase

How to disable the Power Users group to establish user rights

1. Scenario One: Users cannot create new user by deleting registry key values Implementation method: Run Regedt32.exe open the registry and open the directory hkey_local_machine\sam\sam\domains\account\groups This is the groups is responsible for

How XP system creates new Administrator admin rights account

Knowledge Point Analysis: For Windows XP systems, there are many ways to create user accounts. These include the use of the cmd command line NET command, or the graphical interface of the control Panel, and the Local Users and groups in the

DLLs that invoke C # writes in stored procedures

Stored Procedures A problem with a transition filetime has been encountered in a recent project. Time is in C # in the Datetime.tofiletime write to the database, which in the stored procedure to determine the year and quarter became a problem, how

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