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Analysis of the significance of Baidu snapshot

Baidu Snapshot, a very familiar noun. Countless webmaster for Lao age, and even sleepless, then, Baidu Snapshot, in the end what is the significance of it? On the network for these are also different opinions, most of the webmaster is very concerned

CSS3 Instance page: Meters Top banner photo wall

Article Introduction: in last week's article mentioned want to do a CSS3 animation effect, because recently has been using the shrimp nets to listen to music, see their home page that flash top banner design good, so the whim of trial CSS3 also

How routers prohibit people from rubbing their nets

Tools/raw Materials Router One   Method/Step First of all, it is natural to check the personal phone WiFi identification code (MAC code), into the phone's settings "about mobile" option. There is a "status message" in the submenu of the

Contribution promotion-How to get your article recommended

Yesterday afternoon Da Xiaodan mood can be described as ups and downs, first was criticized young, the article rotten to the pole unexpectedly still can in webmaster nets and A5 through, can then find himself yesterday through the article was the

Share 10 Site home page ranking optimization experience

Site rankings for SEO personnel is the most important, is the SEO industry is concerned about the topic. For the enterprise station ranking is nothing more than the so-called outside the chain and content. Little brother into the SEO industry soon,

The simpler it is, the easier it is to succeed.

Most people in the planning of the Web site profit model, always like to make their own web site to think of the profit model is very cumbersome, because they think the more complex the profit model the better. In fact, this is a serious wrong

Novice SEO webmaster Do station 3 months of experience

Time is really fast ah, think of themselves into the SEO industry has been several 3 months, in 3 learned things are really quite a lot, before the promotion of the time only know to do so, do not know what the reason, also did not pay attention to

Personal website Entrepreneurship Don't be afraid of the technology threshold

Personal website Driven by the Web 2.0 wave, the Internet seems to be back to 99 years, 2000 when the Internet was the hottest. Many people are starting to itch, think "the internet is such a good entrepreneurial environment, if can not make a

From the website structure of the Tao Shoes network layout seo Way (ii)

Wrote an article "from the site structure to look at the Shoe network Layout seo Way (1)", is should write a second article, then we continue to pay attention to the Web site structure and the relationship between SEO, Amoy shoes nets Let us learn

Irrigation is the soul of the Community 5 anniversary of the Straits Fishing Forum

Community Channel Fishing Forum (, is my first time to run a forum, which was on the night of March 17, 2002. Why is it late at night? Nothing else, just can't sleep, can't sleep, gotta do something? What do you do? Good things turn

To end the dispute of materialization and flattening!

China, which is beset by various social problems, has also aroused the opinion of various "doctrine" in academic circles. In view of these doctrines, Hu Shih expounded his attitude ———— the great danger of public opinion now is to bias the theory of

New station keyword from Baidu first to do without thinking

See a lot of SEO experience and introduction, today to tell you, my website keyword from Baidu first do not experience. Construction station for three months, the website keyword "Xiantao home network" has been firmly ranked in the Baidu search

Let webmaster out of the trilogy of SEO Plateau response

Many people who have done SEO know that the introduction of SEO easy, in-depth difficult, it is more difficult to adhere to go down. Do the same thing every day, daily, month after January, and suddenly find that you can't go down. SEO work is not

See how a Domain service provider ignores users!

February 16, 2006 in the first host domain Name service provider registered two domain names, a year down also peaceful. January 2007, the domain name will expire, will renew two domain name for one year, completes successfully. March April, the COM

Look at the characteristics of the chassis.

Chassis Width Small chassis is still not the market mainstream First chassis as a hardware-supporting, the internal space is naturally there is a certain demand, to the current market, ATX Architecture chassis occupy the

Automotive website experience talk about how to solve Baidu snapshot does not update

Each webmaster friends are very concerned about the date behind the Baidu snapshot, if your snapshot date corresponds to the calendar, then you do the optimization is very successful. Spiders always so favor your site, you as their neighbors, every

Example explanation of WAN routing technology

We assume that readers have a certain degree of understanding of IP Protocol (IP protocol can never maintain an IP network), such as at least know the structure of IP address, category and subnet, subnet mask concept, and have a certain computer

Optimizing the little secrets in the Web server

Should be very strange why rattan design take this to say things, under normal circumstances do the website is will send out the chain, write original soft text, keyword ratio, long tail keyword and so on? Website optimization also and the server

Analysis on hot issues of shielded twisted-pair wires

Shielding and unshielded wiring system is superior to the inferior, has been a hot topic in the field of integrated wiring. Prior to the advent of 10G applications, European users used more shielding cabling systems, while North American users used

Photoshop: The elegant effect of the basket design step by step

Design once, the basket with the shooting hit and the wind flowing in that moment, the author of the Heart also suddenly floated up, how would like to record this wonderful moment! This is not, the author pound, chose his favorite Photoshop7.0,

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