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JQuery 1.4:15 new features and optimization enhancements

JQuery 1.4 has recently been released . Beyond everyone's expectations, this is not a simple tinkering, 1.4 contains a lot of new features, enhancements and performance improvements! This article introduces you to these new features and enhancements

IE9 CSS3 A variety of new features

Inadvertently see the powerful features of CSS3, more interested in sharing the next first ... Oh First you have to install IE9,,,, If you haven't installed IE9 Beata, come here and try ...

The observer pattern for JavaScript design patterns

Design patterns for software development of the importance of self-evident, code reusable, maintainable, scalable is always the pursuit of software engineering! For me, a javascript person, it seems difficult to understand design patterns, and it

JavaScript cross-domain problem

JS cross-domainJavaScript is not allowed to call objects on other pages across domains for security reasons. What is cross domain? The simple understanding is because the JavaScript homologous policy restriction, the domain name JS cannot

Experience sharing on work efficiency

This is the work experience that I shared with the group at the end of last November, and I also share with you the "quick" sense of the job. I believe that all of us should have some trouble with working efficiency. And the efficiency that

Learn HTML Beginner's Guide

What is an HTML document an HTML document is a plain text (ASCII) file that can be generated with any of the editors (such as Emacs in Unix or VI, BBEdit in the Macintosh, Notepad in Windows). You can also use word processing software, but remember

Transform things you don't know.

transformis one of the many CSS3 new features that touched me most because it made the square box module real. The transform implements a 2D or 3D transformation of the box size, position, and angle through a set of functions. For a long time,

Wrote some words on the occasion of PHP7 's release

Open source also has 4, 5 years of time, from the initial yaf, to today's PHP7, I participate in more and more projects, the use of my Code more and more users, tomorrow will release the PHP7, is definitely my open source since the most important

On several reasons for the success of Hibernate framework

The fast release of the release Maintain an active development speed, often in release, or even within days, to the next version of the previous version. This is the best way to keep the software away from bugs, and to reassure users that

The top ten features of Windows Server 2008 that are ignored

A fully redesigned network protocol stack in Windows Server 2008 includes a new technology that allows a large number of packets to enter the network. It can also quickly readjust the size of packets on the network, making it more efficient. Windows

Asp. NET Basic AJAX Framework 2.0 self-brought client callback 2.0 has been released. 2.0 has many new features, and the client callback is one of them. The client callback allows us to invoke the server-side method without a postback, which is consistent with

Parsing atlas-Microsoft's AJAX Toolkit

ajax| Microsoft Microsoft is already in the process of developing a version of Visual Stuido, one of the key research directions is to implement the increasingly popular rich client applications in browsers through AJAX-style programming. Future IE

atlas-Microsoft Ajax Toolkit (from MSDN Scott Guthrie)

ajax| Microsoft Microsoft has now entered the final RTM milestone at 2.0 and the visual Web Developer 2005 release. To achieve ZBB (Zero Bug bounce), Microsoft has locked in the features of these products, focusing on optimizing the final

Ajax Framework ZK 2.2 releases

Ajax The ZK Development Group announces the release of the ZK 2.2 version. ZK is a Java framework based on XUL embedded Ajax event-driven to enrich the user Network application interface. The ZK Development Group announces the release of the ZK 2.2

Cascading style sheet compatibility in Internet Explorer 7

Style sheet Brief IntroductionInternet Explorer 7 contains a number of improvements on cascading style sheet (CSS) parsing and rendering. These improvements are meant to improve Internet Explorer's ability to interpret cascading style sheets to meet

How to use DHTML to prepare Web pages

dhtml| Web page 1 Preface With the continuous popularization and development of internet/intranet, more and more companies, enterprises and individuals are starting to build their own web sites, write Web pages and publish information to the outside

XHTML Basics FAQ-For Beginners

HTML Basics |xhtml| Beginners HTML language is our tool to build Web pages, from the advent of its development to the present, standardize constantly improve, more and more powerful. However, there are still defects and deficiencies, people

Smacss method: Solving the problems of SMACSS and OOCSS

Article Introduction: How to use sass and smacss to maintain CSS. We've always been a big fan of smacss, but a pure smacss approach is best suited for an entirely new project with ordinary CSS. Our market site, we use the Sass writing

CSS3 has enhanced media types more user-friendly support for mobile devices

Article Introduction: one of the most important new features of the CSS2.1 specification is the introduction of media types, which is the 10 values of media types, not often used. One of the most important new features of the CSS2.1

Web page design page Layout tutorial: CSS Layout new properties

Article Introduction: The new CSS properties provide us with a more convenient way to layout our web pages. Thomas Lewis from Microsoft will take you to the three major areas of grid Alignment,flexibox box and multi-column layout. The

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