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A random talk on null values in Oracle

Oracle in the database, null values are used to indicate a situation where the actual value is unknown or meaningless. In a table, if a column in a row has no value, it is called a null value (NULL). Columns of any data type can have null values if t

Dreamweaver Insert File Field

If you need to transfer the entire file to the server, you can create a file domain in the form to complete the task. To use a file field, the form must be set to post. The visitor can upload the file

C Language Learning Tutorial eighth chapter-Enumeration, bitwise operations (2)

Enumerating the assignment of type variables and using Enumeration types are used in the following terms:1. The enumeration value is a constant, not a variable. You cannot assign a value to an assignment statement in a program. For example, the foll

Win7 the method of setting a repeating value in a wps table under the Prohibition cell input

WPS is an office software, some users need to often use WPS to make some data, such as school number, employee number and so on, and these data have the characteristics can not be repeated, then how t

Using ASP to realize the UBB function of forum

Ubb|ubb A few days ago I read a technical article about how to use regular expression objects in VBScript to implement the UBB functionality in a forum. VBScript provides a very powerful regular expression object, but only 5. More than 5 of the scrip

Comprehensive analysis of (2)

Second, the grammar For a long time, VB has been ridiculed by some people because of its lack of perfect object-oriented support, lack of efficient error handling mechanism and poor performance. Vb. NET will completely change this situation. However,

Repetitive operation techniques in Excel

1. Ctrl+enter key combination This key combination is used for fast padding of the same content. First, select the cells that you want to fill with the same content, enter the content, and then press

An array of PHP learning notes

How to define an array: There are two main ways to create an array in PHP, so let's look at how to create an array (1) Create an array of methods for assigning values directly to each element. The format is: $arrayname [Key]=value; Where Arrayname

Effective C # principle 2: Choose ReadOnly instead of const for your constants

For constants, C # has two different versions: the Run-time and compile-time quantities. Because they behave differently, it can damage program performance or make mistakes when you use them incorrec

Graphic CSS (6): Text

line-height word-spacing letter-spacing text-align vertical-align text-indent white-space word-wrap word-break text-transform direction unicode-bidi writing-mode text-decoration text-underline-position text-justify layout-flow layout-grid layout-grid

Programming Basics for developing Word documents using VBA

① what are objects and collections An object represents a Word element, such as a document, paragraph, bookmark, or individual character. A collection is also an object that contains multiple other o

As code 2.0: for Flash Player 7

If your existing script is written for Flash 6 or earlier, but you want to release the Flash 7 player, you may need to modify your scripts so that they meet the requirements of Flash 7 player and work according to design ideas. Here we will introduce

Common features for copying and pasting in Excel tables

Common features for copying and pasting in Excel tables 1. Convert a formula to a numerical value Select the formula region copy-paste-point 123 icon to convert the formula to a numeric value 2. Co

Error Object

error| objects Save information about the error. var newErrorObj = new Error(  )var newErrorObj = new Error(  number)var newErrorObj = new Error(  number,  description) The constructor syntax for the Error object has the followin

JavaBeans program development from introductory to proficient

Properties of JavaBeans The attribute of JavaBeans is a concept in the attribute of a general Java program, or the attribute of an object in all object-oriented programming languages, which is embodied in a program as a variable in a class. In JavaB

Access Highlights

1, make the form or report text box with the number of text automatically increase or shrink: Text Box Properties "can be expanded" 2, control a field can only fill in some content: perhaps you want to use the program can only be in a certain field A

Introduction to VB Controls

Introduction to Visual Basic controls You can use tools in the Visual Basic Toolbox to draw controls on a form. Control classificationThere are three broad categories of Visual basic controls:1. Internal controls, such as CommandButton and frame

JavaScript 32-bit integer unsigned operation example

All integer variables default to signed integers, JavaScript bitwise operation, is the use of 32-bit signed integer, which means that the result of its conversion is also a 32-bit signed integral type

JQuery 1.4:15 new features and optimization enhancements

JQuery 1.4 has recently been released . Beyond everyone's expectations, this is not a simple tinkering, 1.4 contains a lot of new features, enhancements and performance improvements! This article introduces you to these new features and enhancements

WPS considerate function: status bar automatic calculation display mode

When you enter a large number in an Arabic numeral in a spreadsheet, you often don't know how big the number is, such as the number: "123456789." We have to start from a single number, count to the highest, only to know that this number represents "1

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