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Baidu site application development experience and demo code

Write in the front: the blog has not been updated for a long time, mainly things are too much, but recently also did some more valuable things, and then slowly share with you The author in Tencent is mainly responsible for the open platform Openapi

New features of WebSphere Portal 8.0: Embracing OpenID

Introduction to OpenID background knowledge Traditional identity authentication is to store user information in a separate system, possibly a directory server, database, local file system or a custom system. When authenticating, the user provides

PHP implementation PayPal Authorized Login

This article to share is the PHP implementation of the PayPal authorization login code, very simple and practical, the need for small partners can refer to. PHP implementation PayPal Authorized Login ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

OAuth Learning based on Dotnetopenauth implementation of client Credentials Grant

Client Credentials grant refers to requesting access token directly from the client to authorization server without authorization from the user (Resource Owner). For example, we provide openapi so that everyone can get the latest essay on the home

Java application programming based on OAuth security protocol

The OAuth protocol is dedicated to making Web sites and applications (collectively, consumer Consumer) able to access the protected resources of the user to the provider (service Provider) through the API without the user disclosing their

Create gadget with embedded experience characteristics based on shindig

Open Social2.0 and Embedded experiences characteristics OpenSocial is a unified standard for defining the application of social networking sites and accessing data from social networking sites: The Unified gadget Application model and the gadget

ASP.net Web API to implement post message construction and push

Bishi is related to the OAuth protocol, and the HTTP Get/post method must be understood to understand the OAuth protocol. So we studied how to construct post messages using Web APIs or MVC and implement client-server interaction. The tool I use is

Dotnetopenauth-based OAuth Implementation sample code: How to get access token

1. Scene According to the OAuth 2.0 specification, the scenario takes place in the (D) (E) node of the following flowchart, obtaining access token based on the authorization code that has been obtained. 2. Realize the Environment Dotnetopthauth

Access to social networking web sites via OAuth, part 1th

Build a desktop Twitter client that supports OAuth OAuth is an open protocol that enables users to share their protected resources among different Web sites without worrying about the risk of a leak. OAuth is ideal for mixing up today's social

The ASP.net Web API has a secure ASP.net Web API for Windows Azure AD and Ms Owin components

With the growing importance of Web API roles, the need to ensure that you can confidently use the Web API in High-value scenarios that can expose sensitive data and operations is becoming more urgent. We can see clearly that the entire industry is

How Django accesses Sina Weibo OAuth

This example describes the way Django accesses Sina Weibo oauth. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The recent integration of the Web site and Sina Weibo, the idea is very simple, is to link the content of

Sina Weibo open platform PHP class weiboclient description

After a preliminary grasp of the development of the micro-blog application process, it is recommended to read through the code in weibooauth.php, priority reading the definition of public methods in class Weiboclient. These methods are directly to

Access to social networking web sites via OAuth, part 2nd

Building a Web Twitter client that supports OAuth Before reading this article, you should understand that OAuth provides a better way for the consumer site to access protected resources stored on the service provider's users. Because of the use of

How to leverage Jsonp across domain access in asp.net MVC 3

In the development of information systems, according to the relevant business logic will inevitably be multiple systems between the login. In general, we need to use multiple user names and passwords between multiple systems. This allows customers

Sina Weibo API Development profile PHP basic article-User authorization

Now playing micro Bo more and more people, and on the microblogging of Third-party application development is more and more, oneself in the occasional contact with Sina Weibo API development, Sina micro-blog API development Resources More, Sina

PHP implements everyone OAuth login and API calls

Everyone open platform to give the PHP SDK, personal feeling write is not how, and in My computer running, always 113 error, check the document unexpectedly still did not have this error code, so had to own according to the official documents, with

Access to social networking web sites via OAuth, part 3rd

Deploy a Web Twitter client to Google App Engine OAuth provides a better way for consumers to access protected resources at the service provider's site. By using OAuth, user credentials will never be exposed to sites other than where the user data

Java Web site Integration Sina Micro Blog login

To add a Third-party login to the site function, the study of the next Sina Weibo login interface, would have wanted to use it to provide the kind of JS code library Way, the results have always been uncertain, because not proficient JS can only

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (61) Communication: HTTP, OAuth

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Communication HttpClient Overview HTTP GET string HTTP GET Stream HTTP POST string HTTP POST Stream OAuth 2.0 Authenticated clients Example Service side for demonstrating HTTP traffic

Create a REST API with WCF

Aaron Sloman and Haider Sabri in MIX08 talk about how to "create a Rest API using WCF", which introduces an example of a rest application named Restchess. Aaron Sloman first talked about some background information that supports rest in WCF. Then,

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