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The comparison of C/S and b/s software technology

Comparison c/s structure software (i.e. client/server mode) is divided into two tiers of client and server, the client is not the input and output equipment without operation capability, but has the ability of data processing and data storage, and is

Dynamically creating access to a database using ADO controls in VB6

ado| Create | dynamic | access | control | data | database Using the ADO control can easily access the ODBC database in VB6, but by directly placing adods control to get ADO data connection is troublesome, we can create a common data module in the VB

Restudying: A few classic ASP applications

1. The following code shows how to obtain x,y coordinates from a picture in the client browser on the server side, noting that the type of the input control is an image type. <form><input name= "ImageMap" type= "Image" src= "http://edu.cnzz.

Implementation of ASP database connection

Data | database | database connection implementation of ASP database connection Xiachuntao (102 Department of Electronic Technology College, PLA Information Engineering University, Zhengzhou 450004, Henan) (email:xct-tom@tom.com) Absrtact: Thi

How to write excellent ASP applications (2)

Parts      . Performance   . Scalability   . Separation of business logic and page performance   . Reuse by ASP or other environment  

Win XP under Informix Connect configuration method

First, the following operating environment to make the following assumptions 1. Server-side Server machine Name: Scoserverip Address: Database name: informixserverservicename:sqlexec Port number: 5000/tcp Database user name: Informix D

How PHP accesses databases through ODBC

Environment used by ODBC Create a test data library first. Then create an ODBC connection and build a test PHP Script. Let's try it. Author Thank Use of the environment This document is mainly stated in the WIN32 environment, what you need is a comp

[JAVA100 example]052, using ODBC to connect to a database

Import java.sql.*; /** * &LT;P&GT;TITLE:ODBC Connection Database &lt;/p&gt; * &lt;p&gt;description: This example demonstrates how to manipulate a database using the Jdbc-odb

Webcomputing━ado Summary Report 1

Ado|web in today's various Dynamic Web page (Dhtml) solutions have emphasized the connection with the database, in fact, web-linked background database is currently a popular application, E-commerce and other fields have a wide range of applications.

Two ways to connect MySQL with PHP

MySQL can be connected to the Web through PHP in two ways, a MySQL-related function via PHP, and another ODBC-related function via PHP The related functions are as follows: MySQL function Mysql_affected_rows: Gets the number of columns affected by

How to connect the MySQL database in ASP

mysql| Data | Database Toss a while, finally the ASP and MySQL connection completed, feeling, close-up of this article with you to share. Check a lot of information, ASP and MySQL connection currently has two ways: one is the use of components, more

Rookie learning ADO Overview of the example tutorial

ado| Tutorial Site original content, reproduced please indicate the source Web page teaching network . ADO enables your Web page to display the contents of the database, in other words, our Dynamic Web program can pass the data in the ADO proxy datab

"Cannot open registry key" for ASP access Access data

The day before yesterday, n a long time ago to do an Access database program error, the program has not changed, before a good, suddenly not. The error message is as follows: ---------------------------------- Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Dr

How to write a good ASP application

Program How to create robust, accurate, maintainable, and performance-Good ASP applications? What do you want to do? Not doing what? In this paper, the main check-points (check point) is given in the form of outline. What is ASP Active Server Pag

Several methods of ODBC SQL Server database

odbc|server| Data | database Several methods of ODBC SQL Server database This article is written for some netizens who want to know the technology in the CSDN forum. Because recently I personally in the forum saw many netizens to mention this ques

Best practices for using Ado.net

Ado. NET, as Microsoft's latest data access technology, has been widely used in enterprise development. For front-line developers, the most effective way to improve the level of application and solve practical problems is to exchange the best time ex

ODBC Repository link Function library

There are 25 functions Open data links (Open Database connectivity, ODBC) in this library that are common interfaces for linking repositories. ODBC is the Microsoft-led database connectivity Standard, and the implementation environment is the most ma

Sqlcode error code Rollup and sqlstate=37000 solutions

Today, the small series in the power designer the second reverse database, encountered a problem, as follows: Unable to list the users. [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [SQL Server] cannot prede

An optimal approach to ADO database access

ado| Access | data | Database almost all articles about ADO database access performance analysis, all believe that the binary component performance is always more than the interpretation of the implementation of ASP code. In fact, this is wrong. From

Database Solution for Personal homepage asp bis

You can see that the ASP's syntax is VBScript, and its object-oriented thinking is similar to VB, so, as long as you first pass VB or VBScript, that ASP can easily on the ground hand. The above part can be said to be the essence of ADO in ASP, we dis

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