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The 10 longest questions about the Data Warehouse

Data | Problem Although there are various approaches to data mining that seem to offer distinct features and benefits, many may no T is powerful enough to meet your corporate knowledge discovery. But in fact just a few fundamental questions can quick

Online Analytical Processing for Oracle (OLAP)

The concept of online analytical processing (OLAP) was first proposed by the father of the relational database, E.f.codd, in 1993, and he also presented 12 guidelines on OLAP. OLAP has aroused a great

ADO and

ADO ADO and -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary ADO and are a high performance access information source strategy offered by Microsoft, which makes it easy for enterprises to cons

Oracle Database and application optimization

Absrtact: In this paper, Oracle database and Oracle Application optimization, a comprehensive analysis and research, and put forward some of their own suggestions. Tags: ORACLE, optimization, database, SQL 1. Introduction With the advent of the in

SQL Step-by-Step (2) Table basics

The basics of a table A relational database usually contains more than one table. A database is actually a collection of tables, and the data or information of a database is stored in a table. A table

. Summary of the use of Crystal Report in net environment

Crystal Report is an excellent report development tool, I in the development of general management system, all reports are using Crystal Report, its simple, easy-to-use and powerful function to make the author doubly like, now the Crystal Report use

MySQL table and index use specification detailed

This article is a MySQL table and index usage specification for a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends to reference the   One, MySQL build table, the field needs to b

Design of BBS based on MySQL (1)

1. System Architecture: Using modular thinking, divided into 3 layers: A. Data storage layer: Use MySQL to store all the data of BBS, including user information, article data, user letters, user messages, system data. ), the key question: the plann

Usage of bcp

BCP is a tool that Sybase company provides for data backup at the level of database tables.Typically stored in the installed ASE or open Client Bin directory.The previous ASE,BCP storage directory for the 12 version is $SYBASE/bin12 Version (includin

Avoid blindly pursuing a sentence in SQL Server

Server Problem description Business needs are as follows: There are tables A and B, the two tables are structurally consistent, for different business services, now write a stored procedure, the stored procedure accepts a parameter, when the paramete

Set of records

Set of records As mentioned earlier, it is not surprising that the recordset is the most commonly used object in ADO. After all, they contain the data. However, there is more to the recordset than you can imagine, and it is important to know how the

How Excel quickly generates pay bars

As you know, there is only one table header in Excel Payroll in finance, there are many employee's salary records below, but when the payroll is generated, each employee's salary bar will have a table

View update using instead OF trigger on the view of MSSQL server

server| View View is often used recently, but MSSQL server does not allow the update of view that is more than two base tables associated with it. As a result of the project needs, spent a night to study it. Take some time to record the process and t

The magical forward-looking predicate generation technique

Starting with the IBM I V5R3 version, the SQL query engine (SQE) has begun to support a powerful strategy that minimizes input/output (I/O) and maximizes query performance. The new strategy, like magic, allows the optimizer to generate predicates wit

Analysis of the application of index in database

Data | database | index Indexing is the most effective way to improve data querying and is the most difficult technology to master, because proper indexing can increase efficiency by 10,000 times times, and invalid indexes may be a waste of database

Primary key design issues for table-timed tables on SQL Server

The logical design of database is a very broad problem. In this paper, the main key design of the table is discussed in the design of MS SQL Server in the development application, and the correspondin

Learn oracle-environment configuration from zero (i)

I. Preparation before the start 1. Launch Oracle Start the Listening service: Oracleorahome90tnslistener Start Instance service: Oracleserviceorac 2.Oracle System User Oracle three major system users By default: System/welcome Super User: Sys/

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: INSTEAD of Triggers

In the fifth section of this chapter, we have noted that SQL Server 2000 supports after and instead of two types of triggers. Where the instead OF triggers is a newly added feature of SQL Server 2000, after triggers are equivalent to triggers in prev

Oracle Table Space Management

2 Table Space The highest logical layer in Oracle Disk Management is Tablespace, and the 4 tablespaces that must be created in oracle11g are system, sysaux,temp, UNDOTBS1. 2 SYSTEM: Stored data dict

DAO object Model

DAO provides two different object models, an object model that accesses data through the jet engine, as shown in the following illustration. Another object model is to access data through ODBCDirect. Both of these object models are hierarchically str

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