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PHP Operations Oracle Database Guide-i original, experience summary, can not help but see

oracle| Data | database | Original I use the Oracle database for working relationship, found that there are not many people here, but often found that someone mentioned in the PHP operation of the Oracle database problem is not answered, I have asked

Oracle and SQL Server bulk stored procedures can replace parts

1. Replace with NULL in the code create or replace Procedure stored procedure name of Oracle Establishment stored procedure 2, the Oracle variable (and the name of the field is not duplicate) directl

Implementing search paging queries in Oracle

One of the problems developers often encounter when building a custom search engine is to implement some sort of paging functionality, that is, to allow a user to submit a query that returns a lot of

PHP function Index (3)

function | Index MCRYPT_ECB: Use ECB to add/decrypt data. Mcrypt_get_block_size: Gets the chunk size of the encoding. Mcrypt_get_cipher_name: Gets the name of the encoding. Mcrypt_get_key_size: Gets the size of the coded key. MCRYPT_OFB: Use OFB to a

The use of Pro*c

A pro*c Program Overview: 1. What is the PRO*C program In Oracle database management and system, there are three ways to access the database; (1) With Sql*plus, it has SQL commands to access the database with interactive applications; (2) using the f

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