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C #-Oracle database connection method

oracle| Data | database | database connection using System; Using System.Data; Using System.Data.OracleClient; Class Sample { public static void Main () { String myConnString = "User Id=zk;data source=zkqx;password=*****"; OracleConnection

Connecting Oracle database instances through tutorial

Connecting Oracle database instances through tutorial For a long time, I have been using the MS SQL server/access database, access to Ms Home through. NET almost nothing trouble. In the recent project, Oracle was used as a database to learn

C # Methods to connect Oracle databases

1. Import Reference System.Data.OracleClient.dll file 2, in the head using System.Data.OracleClient; To read data through a dataset: To create a connection to a database OracleConnection oracon=new oracleconnection ("User Id=112;data

Based on the ODP data layer base Class C # source

Data #region Using Using System; Using System.Configuration; Using System.Data; Using Oracle.DataAccess.Client; #endregion Namespace WIS.{/// filename :DbObject.cs function Description : Data-tier base class, providing basic operations on

Using OracleClient in CentOS 6.x problem record in the MVC 4 on Mono

Using OracleClient in CentOS 6.x problem record in the MVC 4 on Mono Objective Recently, there is a Web project, the business function is not complex, but this customer (a government department) has two hard requirements: 1, the database

Asp. NET access to Oracle databases|oracle| Access | data | Database Introduction The Microsoft. NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle (named. NET for Oracle) is a component of the. NET Framework. This component is used for us. NET access to Oracle databases provides great

Start a transaction in the database

Data | Database The following example creates a OracleConnection and a oracletransaction. It also demonstrates how to use the BeginTransaction, Commit, and Rollback methods. public void Runoracletransaction (String myconnstring) { OracleConnection

database transaction mechanism in. Net

Data | Database when initializing the SqlTransaction class, you need to use the Begintranscation () method of the SqlConnection class: SqlTransaction Mytran; Mytran=myconn.begintransaction (); This method returns a variable of type sqltransaction.

How to connect database in

ado| Data | database | database connection In MSDN, the. NET database connection strings are described in detail, and I'll list them here in code example, and the meaning of each representative can be reviewed in MSDN. Database connection mode in

Connections to Oracle Databases

oracle| Data | database String connectionstring= "user Id=ordtrc;pwd=ordtrc;data source=\" frame2db\ ";p ersist security info=false;"; /write Connection stringOracleConnection conn=new OracleConnection (ConnectionString);//Create a new

Using LoadRunner to test the performance of Oracle stored procedures

First you need to install LR. NET add-in, write code in the development environment, do a database connection, and then invoke the Execute stored procedure. After installing, open the program, you should see the menu bar more than one: Then add an Execute Oracle Stored procedures executes the Oracle stored procedures as follows: OracleConnection con=new OracleConnection (Strcon); OracleCommand cmd=new OracleCommand (); OracleTransaction Mytrans; Try { Con. Open (); Mytrans =con. BeginTransaction (); Cmd.

Database connection mode in (provided by Microsoft)

ado| Data | database | database connection | Microsoft in MSDN, the. NET database connection string is described in detail, and I have a list of examples in code, each of which can refer to MSDN for a specific purpose. Database connection mode in

Oracle database Operations Class (C #)

oracle| Data | Database connects Oracle with OracleConnection Configure public System.Data.OracleClient.OracleConnection CNN; Open a database connection public void Open () { Cnn=new OracleConnection

Vb. NET, using OracleTransaction to process transactions

Introduction to Database Transactions A database transaction is a logical unit of work that consists of a set of SQL statements. You can think of a transaction as an irreducible set of SQL statements that are permanently recorded in the database or

Populating data from multiple queries to the same data source

Data | data sources A dataset is often used as a data source for a control in code writing, and a control can only bind to one data source. If you want to bind the results of multiple query databases to a single control, you must populate the same login verifier using the ODP-Oracle connection method

This article mainly introduces the using the ODP-Oracle connection method of the anti-injection login verification program, the need for friends can refer to the There are a lot of SQL connections on the Internet login authentication, but

Operation Oracle Database implementation problems with uploading pictures to blob type fields

oracle| upload | upload pictures | data | database | Problems by using OLE DB to operate an Oracle database and successfully implement a BLOB-type field on a picture, but sometimes the problem of ORA-01036 errors is queried by the error prompt

C # Calls the simplest instance of an Oracle stored procedure

oracle| Stored Procedures Oracle Side1. Creating Oracle Process StorageCreate or Replace procedure Proce_test (paramin in Varchar2,paramout out varchar2,paraminout into out varchar2)AsVarparam VARCHAR2 (28);BeginVarparam:=paramin;paramout:=varparam|

. Net+oracle+crystalreports Development Web Application Learning Notes (ii)

Oracle|web| Notes | The program last mentioned basic configuration considerations and now begins to actually develop problems in Oracle A connection to an Oracle database But you installed the Oracle client, the database server has been specified

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