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PHP traversal folder and file classes and processing classes

FindFile.class.php Used to traverse a directory file <?php/** Traverse folder and File class * date:2013-03-21 * Author:fdipzone * ver:1.0/class findfile{ Public $files = Array (); Store the traversed file protected $maxdepth; Search

In-depth discussion of SQL Server 2000 support for XML

Server|xml [Author Introduction:]wayne, a new generation of programmers, 12-Year-old began to learn programming, 13-year-old with his own computer, has learned basic, Pascal, C, FOXPRO, VB, DELPHI, + +, SQL, learning the Java language, then become a

PHP implementation RC4 encryption algorithm

PHP implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm, the decryption method of this algorithm is once again, you can restore /* * RC4 encryption algorithm * $pwd Key * $data the data to be encrypted */ function RC4 ($pwd, $data)//$pwd key $data n

Simple implementation of Chinese word segmentation with PHP

Chinese Hehe, using PHP to do Chinese participle is not a sensible move,:p Below is a dictionary that I find on the Internet, a simple word-breaker program. (Note: The dictionary file is gdbm format, key is word value is frequency, about 40,000 commo

PHP character function Encyclopedia

Addslashes: String add Slash. Bin2Hex: The binary turns into 16 carry. Chop: Remove continuous blank. CHR: Returns the character of the ordinal value. Chunk_split: Splits the string into small seg

Generate Smarttemplate Template Handler framework

Program | template <?php /** * Generate Smarttemplate Template handler framework * * The Smarttemplate template class is extremely efficient and has a small code size. * His extensible template function is unique. * * Although there are only a few

Unicode encoding and decoding in PHP

This article is a PHP in the Unicode encoding and decoding of a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends to refer to the Method One: Copy Code code as follows: &lt;?php

Implementing encoding conversion between GB2312 and Unicode using PHP

Coding | conversion encoding conversion between gb2312 and Unicode The following example is to convert gb2312 to "whole" in this form php4.3.1 later Iconv function is very useful, just need to write a uft8 to Unicode conversion functionTabular (gb231

PHP to create PDF Chinese document program code

I am using Fpdf (www.fpdf.org), after downloading the Fpdf class library, but also use the following Chinese class library to support Chinese, but only one Chinese font (Chinese imitation). I've been bothering for a long time, and now I'm done. Conve

Switch to a mobile phone development post (from the developer Club)

Code:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At present, the application of mobile phone messages more and more widely, the Internet to provide short message sent to the site is also more and more, but some si

The generation of Phonetic code table

<?php /** Generation of Phonetic Code table: Start the Input method Builder to load the window's phonetic input method on the Reverse Conversion tab and save it as a text This document (Winpy.txt) is standby. The following code loads the Phonetic

Conversion of PHP ASCII code and string

[Code]php Code: <?php Class ASCII { /** * Convert ASCII code to string * @param type $str the string to decode * @param type $prefix prefix, default: &# * @return Type */ function deco

Analysis of the function of GD output Chinese characters (function code line reprint)

function | The Chinese character has long ago found a function that converts the GB code into UTF-8, with a GB to Unicode comparison table (gb2312.txt) for outputting Chinese characters in GD. It was later found that there was confusion in the conten

Implementing encoding conversion between GB2312 and Unicode (UTF-8) in PHP

The following example is the conversion of gb2312 to uft-8 this formphp4.3.1 later Iconv function is very useful, just need to write a uft8 to Unicode conversion functionTabular (gb2312.txt) is fine. ?$text = "electronic stacks";Preg_match_all ("/[\x

PHP code to cut string functions according to Chinese

There are a lot of cut string functions, but according to Chinese cut string is very little, in this article will introduce you how to use PHP to achieve, interested friends do not miss the code as fo

Oracle Common FAQ V1.0 (2)

Oracle second part, Oracle Architecture system [Q] Oracle has those data types [A] common types of data are Char fixed length character value field, maximum length up to 2000 bytes NCHAR a fixed-length character value field of a multibyte character s

Use PHP to display keywords from search engines

  Displays the keyword of the visitor search on the first page of the visitor from the search engine, and makes some changes to improve the interactivity of the website, such as displaying the ot

Convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese PHP functions

function | chinese | Convert Thank you Netizen Keyes provide the Delphi source code of the transplant. The method is called $txt=gbtobig5 ($txt). (note: In source code include "data_gb.php"; This fi

Dynamic conversion of GB encoding to UTF-8 encoding with PHP

Using the IP2ADDR function to read the IP database files directly is the most efficient, and SQL query is the most efficient one, compared with the MySQL database to store the IP data. However, the IP database file QQWry.dat is GB2312 encoded. Now I

Using PHP output control function to do simple traditional conversion

Control | conversion "Summary" PHP, as a scripting language that exposes the source code, is a very good extensibility. This article is just a function of one of the application of a way to explore, and achieve a more perfect the same page automatic

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