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Learning PHP--parsing URLs

There are two methods in PHP that can be used to parse URLs, respectively, Parse_url and Parse_str.   parse_url resolves the URL and returns its component   mixed Parse_url (string $url [, int $component =-1])   This function resolves a URL and

How to modify the file's modification time using touch in Linux

Rsync sometimes because the server time is wrong, you need to change the time of the file modification, you can use the Touch command to modify the file's modified time: 1 touch-c-m-t 201101110000 teadme.txt Modified Readme.txt to January 11, 2011:00

C # Dynamic compilation and implementation of dynamic configuration of button functions

Now to do the system requirements to be more and more flexible, more convenient function configuration, sacrificing a small part of the efficiency, and in exchange for the flexibility of the system, for maintenance, function extension upgrades and

Develop a web-based CSS designer. Code reference

css|web| Reference | Design here for the previous article on the CSS Designer system key code to make some summary, if you have not seen the previous article, please see the "Development of web-based CSS Designer" Parsing CSS style files The main

CLR notes: 11. String

11.1 Characters char,16 bit Unicode code value Two constant fields, Char.minvalue: Defined as ' "; Char. MaxValue: Defined as ' \uffff '; Char.getunicodecategory () method, return character type (currency/punctuation/math symbols, etc.) The

The application of regular expression in Network programming (3)

Programming | network | Regular application Example With a more comprehensive understanding of regular expressions, you can use regular expressions in perl,php, as well as in programs such as ASP. The following is an example of the PHP language,

C # Optimizing string manipulation (experience)

The 1.convert.toint32 and the int32.parse of the enmity 3 Ways to use 2.Split 3.@ the difference between "ABC" and "ABC" Is there 4. Keep 2-digit valid decimal and rounding 5.url Solution for delivering Chinese 6.3 Ways to convert 123456789 to 1

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