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c#+ low-level Windows API hooks to intercept keyboard input

Window I. Introduction Cats and babies have a lot in common. They all like to eat the plant in the family, all very hate to close the door. And they all love to play with your keyboard, as a result, the email you are sending to your boss may have

Hide any process, directory/file, registry, port

Find processes, directories/files, registry and other operating systems will eventually call Zwquerydirectoryfile,zwquerysysteminformation,zwxxxvaluekey and other functions. To intercept these functions for hidden purposes, you need to implement the

Installation and optimization of FreeBSD server (next)

"Simple things are not easy to go wrong. ” Wisdom! In fact, it's very important to cut down on the operating system's functionality that doesn't work for you. This not only means a smaller operating system, take up less disk space (today's hard

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