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UNIX-based Web server Security Guide

UNIX-based Web server Security Guide One. Security vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities on Web servers can be considered in the following ways: 1. Secret files, directories, or important data that you do not have access to on a Web server. 2. When

An introduction to regular expressions in Perl

Regular expressions are a major feature of the Perl language and a bit of a pain in the Perl program, but if you have a good grasp of him, you can easily use regular expressions to complete the task of string processing, of course, in the CGI

Windows 2000+apache+mysql+php3+php4+perl Installation Usage summary (turn)

Apache|mysql|perl|window Windows 2000+apache+mysql+php3+php4+perl Installation Usage Summary Www. 2002-9-3 1000script Professional Script Windows 2000+apache+mysql+php3+php4+perl Installation Usage summary (i) There must be a lot of

Install IIS configuration Asp+cgi+php+mysql under Windows 2000

Install Win2K, install IIS, where Indexing Service, FrontPage Server Extensions, Internet service Manager (HTML) These are some other things that you don't want, anyway. Don't pretend. (According to the security principle, the least service +

IIS installation Configuration Strategy-2

Iis| Raiders Windows Run IIS installation, configuration, advanced management    setting the main properties of the WWW and FTP services Right-click on the server, select Properties, you can set the WWW or FTP main properties, these properties

Use XAMPP easy to build station (top)

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) as an open source software solution that competes with proprietary and commercial software such as Windows, IIS, and. NET, is becoming more and more popular with its unique security, fast, easy to use, easily

Web Server Security Guide

With the increasing popularity of computer network today, computers security not only requires preventing and controlling computer viruses, but also to improve the system's ability to resist hacking, and to improve the confidentiality of remote data

Servlets: An excellent choice for server-side processing

Do you know how much you desire the next generation of platform products? It can be said that you put all the future on it. The additional features promised by the manufacturer in this product must allow you to keep up with the competition in the

Active Server Pages + Introduction

Active|server asp+ is designed to be backward compatible with previous versions of the ASP, and in some cases only minor changes are required. You can in the existing Windows 2000 Server, asp+ is installed with ASP. This allows you to experiment

Win2000+apache+mysql+php4+perl Installation Usage Summary

Windows 2000+apache+mysql+php3+php4+perl Installation Usage SummaryWww. 2002-9-3 1000script Professional ScriptWindows 2000+apache+mysql+php3+php4+perl Installation Usage summary (i)There must be a lot of friends like me who want to

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