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Implementing Cross-domain requests with JSONP

Foreword: Sometimes a busy to have no time idea, originally I already had more than 10 days did not write a blog. Always want to do cross-domain aspects of the attempt, but recently prepared school recruit no time to move hands. Today to talk about J

XML programming using PHP and Ajax (4)

Creating a Web ServiceThe PHP code for the Getnewpolicyinfo Web service is a thin wrapper that examines the type of policy report required and invokes the appropriate stored procedure. The value returned by the stored procedure is then sent back to t

Web side PHP code function coverage test solution

1. About Code Coverage There are many levels of measure code coverage, such as line coverage, function/method coverage, class coverage, branch coverage, and so on. Code coverage is also an important measure of test quality, and for black-box testing

UI thread blocking problems and solutions with jquery synchronization Ajax

The UI thread blocking problem caused by synchronous Ajax was encountered and recorded here. The reason is this, because there are several similar asynchronous request actions on the page, in line with the principle of increasing the reusability of

HTML5 History API implementation without refresh jump

in the HTML5 , 1. Added the function of adding items through JS in the browser history. 2. Display changes to the URL in the browser's address bar without refreshing the page. 3. Added the event that is triggered when the user clicks the browser's

About the ability of PHP programmers to solve problems

The topic of old growth talk, in the interview will be the ability to assess, I personally think that the problem-solving ability is ranked first, higher than the learning ability priority. The ability to solve problems can not only see the programme

Eight levels of problem-solving skills for PHP programmers

The topic of old growth talk, in the interview will be the ability to assess, I personally think that the problem-solving ability is ranked first, higher than the learning ability priority. The ability to solve problems can not only see the programme

A summary of PHP caching technology

1, full page static cache That is, the page is all generated HTML static page, user access to direct access to the static page, and will not go to the PHP server parsing process. This way, in the CMS department It is more common in the EC, such as

thinkphp foreground HTML call function format output

Only output variables do not meet the needs of the template output, the built-in template engine support for template variables to use the regulator and formatting functions, in fact, is to provide function support, and support the use of multiple fu

PHP Performance Analysis and experiment--macroscopic analysis of performance (1)

"Editor 's note" Previously, read a lot about PHP performance analysis of the article, but it is written in a single rule, and the rules are not context, there is no clear experiment to reflect the advantages of these rules, while the discussion also

PHP Custom Installation

① Custom Install (first to stop the Apache service in management, then uninstall Apache, and then install without restarting the computer) Apache+php+mysql+phpmyadmin Self Installation We recommend that you install to the same folder, use Managemen

Be the right posture for PHP programmers

I am a junior dog, self-study php time has been nearly two years, feel that they are still an entry-level player. Let's talk about how you came to the next step. 1. Official documentsYes, I still insist on that point: 80% of the code problems can be

PHP based Super cool HTML5 Interactive chart

Use PHP to implement professional-level web-based charts without the need for in-depth HTML5 and JavaScript knowledge. Introduced Recently, I need to quickly create a chart from a set of PHP data sets. The requirement chart must be interactive, use

PHP vs Node.js In-depth discussion (1)

The network is in a rapid development era. Server-side developers are confused when it comes to choosing a language, with long dominant languages such as C, Java, and Perl, as well as languages that focus on web development, such as Ruby, Clojure, an

PHP socket processing does not come over the data stream, how to avoid (as if it is blocked)

PHP socket processing does not come over the data flow, how to deal with (as if it is blocked) Requirements: PHP accepts a hardware to send data to 8888 port, if received, should socket_send function return "\xfa\x01\x01\xff\xaa\xaa\x00\x01\x00\x00\x

Four wonders to make PHP programmers work more efficiently (1)

Do the program ape "Yuan" is a bitter forced to live, Saturday early in the technical group to greet, see no one response, said a, "not expected to wake up", and then a friend thrown over, "in overtime"! Do WEB development is a bitter force of life,

7 major tools for parsing and parsing PHP code

PHP has become one of the most popular programming languages, but many PHP programmers fret that they can't find the right tools to help them analyze and parse PHP code. Today's small series for you to introduce a few very good tools to help programm

The PHP code collation of micro-letter push Template message

Recently did a need to push the message system, studied the micro-letter template message push. Because of the certified micro-signal, it is done with the test number, but the process is basically the same. This article is based on the micro-lette

How PHP quickly reads large files

In PHP, the quickest way to read a file is to use functions such as file and file_get_contents, and a few lines of code can be pretty good at accomplishing the functions we need. However, when the file being manipulated is a larger file, these functi

PHP Configuration SQLite Database Development Example

Baidu Search Download Sqlitemanager tools PHP5 has been bound SQLite1, manually added PHP PDO driver extension support, add in php.ini Extension=php_pdo.dllExtension=php_pdo_sqlite.dllExtension=php_sqlite.dll Extension_dir = "C:\Program files\apac

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