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Use Phpdig to build your own Google

Google Do you know Google? Do you know Baidu? As a netizen, you must have used these tools, do you want to have your own super search engine? Do you want to go beyond these internet search giants? Where is the starting point of your dream? Then do

Example of APC cache usage in PHP

APC Full name alternative PHP cache, can be cached PHP source files, can also cache user data, the following we install him, see how to query cache, modify cache, delete cache and other functions memory of the previous PHP file uploaded to the

PHP to do the download file implementation code and file name in the garbled solution

Recently someone asked me to do the download file method, for the PHP method is as follows: Copy CodeThe code is as follows: Header ("Content-type:application/force-download"); Header ("content-disposition:attachment; Filename=ins.jpg "); ReadFile ("

Nginx Deployment Process

Before introducing Nginx, we first appreciate a technology: FastCGI is a dynamic, open and secure network server interface technology. is upgraded by the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) technology. CGI is the graphical application process that is

Dahua Vps0.1-vps Introduction to Remote connection control

Opening VPS generally win series and Linux mainly, win due to a number of problems often appear and closed source and business (generally domestic piracy) there is a Trojan horse so we all use Linux and Linux perfect support PHP so Linux VPS is

PHP 3 ways to download remote files and performance considerations

Today in doing export Excel, always test the exported Excel file, frequent download and open, very troublesome   just want to write segment code coherent   service side export excel==> Download the Excel file to the local ==> and open the operation.

How PHP invokes the C interface without the wrong version

1. The first is to install a good PHP 2. Into the PHP download extract directory under the EXT directory #cd/root/php-5.3.6/ext #./ext_skel--EXTNAME=HMC Description ./ext_skel--extname=module_nameModule_name is the name of the extension

Conversion of Chinese characters to PHP: Gbk->unicode (UTF8)

Chinese Character | conversion The conversion of Chinese characters in PHP has always been a tricky business. The class is built with four functions "Htmlhex", "Htmldec", "Escape", "U2utf8"Easy to use, but also can customize functions to do their

Step by step localization CommunityServer2008.5 (SP1)

Recently, waiting for the CS2009, waiting for the time to do some advance preparation work, will CS2008.5 SP1 localization. Special here to share my localization process, and provide the relevant language pack download, translation of the Bad place

Explain how to properly configure the PHP development environment

The PHP language needs to be configured properly before it can be developed so that our program runs perfectly. So how do you configure the PHP development environment correctly? The article will introduce Apache, MYSQL, php download, installation

Explain how to properly configure the PHP development environment

The PHP language needs to be configured properly before it can be developed so that our program runs perfectly. So, how do you configure the PHP development environment correctly? The article will introduce Apache, MYSQL, php download, installation

A file download class that supports breakpoint renewal in PHP

PHP support breakpoint Continuation, mainly rely on the HTTP protocol header Http_range implementation. The principle of HTTP breakpoint continuous transmission HTTP header Range, Content-range () Range and Content-range entity headers are used

Parse php download remote picture function can forge the antecedents

Gurl the picture address to download$rfurl antecedents. If the target image does a burglar chain setting, you can bypass it.$filename download picture saved file name, relative path, do not use Realpath$gcookie to adjust cookie fake

Eclipse for PHP installation and configuration process

This semester to learn the language of PHP, because the previous has been self-learning Java, used to eclipse and myeclipse of the two integrated development environment, so I was going to find out if you can write PHP code in Eclipse, surfing the

Solution to Chinese garbled problem in cross-browser php download file name

This article mainly introduces the cross browser php download file name in Chinese garbled problem solving method, involving PHP for Chinese code transcoding skills, with a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to the This

PHP Verification Code Class code (latest modification, fully customized!)

Authnum.class.php Download Copy CodeThe code is as follows: Session_Start (); Class Authnum { Picture object, width, height, verification code length Private $im; Private $im _width; Private $im _height; Private $len; Random string, y coordinate

PHP XML classes for MySQL

I assume that people are using PHP because of his price tag: free. MySQL provides a free database solution for developers who need to add database functionality to the system. The disadvantage of these solutions is that they are somewhat complex to

PHP download Excel can not open the workaround

 php Solutions and considerations that cannot be opened after you download Excel, please refer to use PHP download Excel file, 1, in the process of downloading do not output any non-file information, such as Echo log information. Otherwise, the

A PHP XML class for MySQL

Mysql|xml I admit I'm not a leader in PHP. However, after looking at some PHP information, I think there are some features that need to be added to handle database connections and consolidate XML. To do this, I think I can create a class that

Configure the APACHE+PHP5+MYSQL5 under WINDOWS2000ADV

In the past for the convenience of the diagram, the package is used. The version is long, it is apache1. X.mysql4.x,php4. X's. It's been out of date for a long time. And there's a lot of holes, but luckily I'm just using it locally ... But in order

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