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The Akelos of PHP framework

The Akelos PHP Framework is a framework similar to Ruby on Rails and is a Web application development platform based on the MVC (model View Controller) design pattern. Since Akelos's only requirement for the server is to support PHP, its code applica

PHP Framework CodeIgniter Framework Source code Analysis, annotation culture, Class library analysis (i)

The last few days decided to look at the CI Framework source code, because it is lightweight, the structure of the code file is clearer, and index.php as a portal, loading all the base classes in the codeigniter.php file, so I looked at each class dr

Now write PHP, you should know these

First of all you should be in PHP 5.3 above version, if PHP version is under this, it is time to upgrade. I suggest that if you have the conditions, you'd better use the latest version. You should have seen PHP right Way, this article contains a lot

The Symfony of PHP framework

Brief introduction Symfony is a Web application framework for the development of PHP5 projects, using PHP+MYSQL developed Content management System CMS, which contains powerful caching capabilities that automatically load class. It fully implemented

A simple implementation method of PHP framework

Not original, set up their own class apode+ dz template + Package PDO, the application process is not to see, and the general framework syntax is the same, look at the implementation of the process, t

3 PHP Frameworks with great development prospects

The PHP development Framework is now ubiquitous, the more popular: Zend framwork,codeigniter,cakephp,yii,thinkphp, these development framework of the popular have their unique place, such as ZF (Zend framework), a very comprehensive development frame

PHP instance: Implementing a super simple MVC structure

Here is a super simple MVC architecture implementation, even a data source with a built-in fixed array, although simple, but in fact many of the PHP framework core implementation of the idea should be similar to this But some frameworks provide more

10 Tools for simplifying PHP development

This article describes 11 projects that can help simplify PHP development, including frameworks, class libraries, tools, code 1. Cake Development Framework Cake is a fast development framework for PHP. It provides an extensible architecture that us

PHP Unit Test Tool: A preliminary study of PHPUnit

Do you encounter the following situations in the process of program development: When you have spent a lot of time developing an application, you think it should be done, unfortunately, when debugging, always constantly find bugs, and the most fright

The Kohana of PHP framework

Brief introduction Kohana based on MVC pattern development, is a pure PHP5 object-oriented development Framework, although the framework is young, but it can be said that its development potential is very large. Because Kohana is a forum management,

Why is it that PHP is a concentration camp?

This article is from the Why PHP was a ghetto this article translation. One day I was chatting with the boss of a very good startup company in Dumbo , about why non-PHP developers generally despise P

PHP Novice must read: All aspects of understanding and learning PHP Framework (1)

PHP is the most popular scripting language for many reasons: flexibility, ease of use, and so on. For project development, we usually need a PHP framework instead of programmers to do the repetitive parts. This article will be a complete parsing of t

Step-by-Step PHP Framework (iv)

In the last article I raised a question, how to implement automatic loading a class? In fact, PHP already has the appropriate mechanism to implement this function, the mechanism is autoload, it will be invoked when attempting to use a class that has

Introduction to PHP Zend Encryption file cracking method

If you want to decode PHP Zend encrypted files, you can find some specific methods online. We are here to introduce a simple PHP Zend encryption file to crack the method. What should be noted in applying the PHP framework Experience summary PHP Fra


Spl_autoload is the default automatic load function that SPL implements, its function is relatively simple. It can receive two parameters, the first parameter is $class_name, the class name, the secon


Ajax has been really hot lately, but I don't know much about it. Originally according to internal information, in the sixth issue of "Php&more" Knight will have a paper Chapter introduces the combination of PHP and AJAX application, so I have bee

Rephactor Excellent PHP refactoring tool

The PHP framework can be a single entry, fully object-oriented, completely based on the MVC pattern of classes. However, we face a large number of old code, or even the new code, is not entirely consistent with object-oriented principles, consistent

The CodeIgniter of PHP framework

Brief introduction CodeIgniter is renowned for its ease of use, performance, and speed, and supports PHP4. It provides a rich code base for people to use in the toolkit designed to build a PHP website, which encapsulates some of the features commonl

The speedphp of PHP framework

Brief introduction Speedphp is an MVC architecture based on the "rapid development, fast learning, fast running" concept of domestic open source framework, it supports PHP5. Convenient and practical command sets, fully encapsulated CRUD database ope

20 2014-Year best PHP framework

For Web developers, PHP is a very powerful and popular programming language. Many of the world's top websites have been developed based on PHP. In this article, let's review the 20 best PHP frameworks

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