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Knowledge points for architecture of high-performance Web sites

Objective: For the architecture of high-performance Web sites are very interested in, this article from a few points on the high performance of web sites to consider the problem. HTML static What is HTML static? To put it simply, change the

The Qcodo of PHP framework

Brief introduction Qcodo is a fully object-oriented PHP development framework that supports PHP5, based on MVC architecture patterns and CRUD code generation capabilities, and uses event-driven processing. The framework consists of code generators

Now write PHP, you should know these

First of all you should be in PHP 5.3 above version, if PHP version is under this, it is time to upgrade. I suggest that if you have the conditions, you'd better use the latest version. You should have seen PHP right Way, this article contains a

The Achievo of PHP framework ATK

Brief introduction Achievo ATK is a object-oriented, PHP that reduces application code and promotes development speed as its core goal. It does not provide a large number of tool classes to achieve a wide range of functionality, but provides a

3 PHP Frameworks with great development prospects

The PHP development Framework is now ubiquitous, the more popular: Zend framwork,codeigniter,cakephp,yii,thinkphp, these development framework of the popular have their unique place, such as ZF (Zend framework), a very comprehensive development

Two tips for laravel PHP framework

This article mainly introduced the PHP framework Laravel Two, this article explained Route::controller Middle Road by the batch naming, according to the system variable to judge the current operating environment two small skills, needs the friend to

How can I write good code?

1. Use Php--rasmus Lerdorf only when needed (PHP founder) Don't let PHP do anything, PHP is just a tool, each language has its own limitationsDon't be afraid to use a different language when you can't use PHP to solve it 2. As much as possible in

10 Tools for simplifying PHP development

This article describes 11 projects that can help simplify PHP development, including frameworks, class libraries, tools, code 1. Cake Development Framework Cake is a fast development framework for PHP. It provides an extensible architecture that

The Zend Framework for PHP frameworks

Brief introduction The Zend framework, an object-oriented framework that supports PHP5, is designed to build more secure, more reliable Web 2.0 applications and Web services, and continuously from cutting-edge vendors such as

PHP Novice must read: All aspects of understanding and learning PHP Framework (1)

PHP is the most popular scripting language for many reasons: flexibility, ease of use, and so on. For project development, we usually need a PHP framework instead of programmers to do the repetitive parts. This article will be a complete parsing of

Methods for automatic loading of PHP classes

Before PHP5, each PHP framework, if you want to implement the automatic loading of classes, is generally a kind of convention to implement a traversal directory, automatically load all the files that meet the Convention rules of the class or

Re-examine the PHP framework CodeIgniter VS Zend

We plan to start a new project from scratch and evaluate some PHP frameworks for this. Our alternative list is cake, CodeIgniter, Symfony and Zend. We used each of these 4 frameworks to write an identical small application (a simple wiki application)

The Wact of PHP framework

Brief introduction Wact is a historic PHP development framework that designers design on the basis of sustainable software refactoring and unit testing. Wact is focused on code reuse, monomer testing, and the use of design patterns. This framework

Step-by-Step PHP Framework (iv)

In the last article I raised a question, how to implement automatic loading a class? In fact, PHP already has the appropriate mechanism to implement this function, the mechanism is autoload, it will be invoked when attempting to use a class that

Rephactor Excellent PHP refactoring tool

The PHP framework can be a single entry, fully object-oriented, completely based on the MVC pattern of classes. However, we face a large number of old code, or even the new code, is not entirely consistent with object-oriented principles, consistent

Java-based PHP framework

Brief introduction Quercus is an open-source PHP 5 engine that already has a full implementation of pure Java. The Quercus document states that Quercus runs on top of the Resin application server, leveraging Resin features such as load balancing,

The Akelos of PHP framework

The Akelos PHP Framework is a framework similar to Ruby on Rails and is a Web application development platform based on the MVC (model View Controller) design pattern. Since Akelos's only requirement for the server is to support PHP, its code

The Symfony of PHP framework

Brief introduction Symfony is a Web application framework for the development of PHP5 projects, using PHP+MYSQL developed Content management System CMS, which contains powerful caching capabilities that automatically load class. It fully

The best 4 PHP frameworks of the 2013

The PHP framework can help you write concise reusable code, follow the MVC pattern, and ensure that the application logic and presentation are separated. There are a lot of different frameworks, some good performance, some documents, and some

Top Ten most popular PHP frame rankings in foreign countries

The following are the 10 most popular PHP frameworks based on the MVC design pattern.   1. Yii Yii is a component-based, high-performance PHP framework for developing large-scale web applications. Yii is written in strict OOP and has

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