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A method of a PHP Object-Array (Object-array), JSON-to-array (JSON-array)

(1) method of the PHP object to the array (object to array): /** * Object turn array /function Object_to_array ($obj) { $_arr=is_object ($obj)? Get_object_vars ($obj ): $obj; foreach ($_arr as $key => $val) { $val = (Is_array ($val))

PHP using JSON instance analysis

Encoding json in PHP (Json_encode) The PHP Json_encode () function is used in PHP JSON encoding. This function returns the value represented by the JSON successfully and returns false if it fails. Grammar: String Json_encode ($value [, $options =

PHP JSON Format Data interaction examples Detailed

Before I wrote a lot of PHP web development in the application of XML for data interaction, the two days through the PHP parsing JSON and interactive examples to learn and understand the application of JSON in PHP, feel very convenient, in PHP

PHP JSON Chinese garbled solution encyclopedia

We know that in the use of AJAX technology and PHP background interaction, the Chinese garbled is often the case, JSON as a similar to XML data Interchange Format, in PHP for interaction will also appear in Chinese garbled situation, to solve the

Linux creates thread memory leaks, PHP json

This is still the encounter of a few problems to tidy up, I hope to meet the students can easily solve. Another reason why the recent blog feeds delayed updates is also explained together. 1.linux create thread causes memory leakToday, after

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