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Introduction to PHP input stream input

When using XML-RPC, the server gets the client data, mainly through the PHP input stream, rather than the $_post array. So, this is mainly about PHP input stream php://input on a php://input introduction, the PHP Official Handbook document has a

Dynamic Web PHP Programmer's Optimized debugging techniques and techniques

This article describes various ways to debug your PHP application, including opening error reports in Apache and PHP, and finding the source of more difficult bugs by placing a strategic print statement in a simple PHP script. It also introduces the

Dynamic Web technology PHP analysis of cookies and session

1. PHP Cookies A cookie is a mechanism for storing data on a remote browser side to track and identify the user.PHP sends cookies in the header information of the HTTP protocol, so the Setcookie () function must be called before other information is

PHP Highlights XML Source code

It will show how external entities point to the processor to contain and parse other documents, how to handle PIs, and the trustworthiness of a code that contains PIs. The XML documents (Xmltest.xml and Xmltest2.xml) that can be used by the example

Php. MVC template tagging System (iv)

Page layout In this unit we will see how to construct a standard template page using the template tag system. For this example we use a simple HTML page layout, please look at the following figure: This page is composed of several standard units,

How PHP obtains file size and file creation time

This article mainly introduces PHP to obtain file size and file creation time method, involving PHP filesize and fileatime function of the use of skills, with a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to the --> This example

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