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A case of file resource management in PHP programming

PHP has many file system-related functions that not only open files, but also display content, move files, and other features in the directory, and many people even use PHP to develop internet-based file Explorer. The following script sample c

CSS to resolve English characters and an Apache digital word-wrapping

Word-wrap is the control of line-wrapping, preferably: Word-wrap:break-word normal Break-all Keep-all Break-word: It is mainly used to control whether the word will be forced to change lines, there is no problem in Chinese and English, but for the lo

The method of collecting Chinese proxy server network in PHP

This article illustrates the method of PHP collecting Chinese proxy server network. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

PHP Resources: Summarizing PHP class libraries commonly used in PHP programming

Chart Gallery The following class library allows you to create complex diagrams and pictures. Of course, they need the support of the GD library. Pchart-a library in which you can create statistical charts. Libchart-This is also a simple s

Enhance PHP Programming with PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library

First, the introduction As we all know, the Ajax framework consists of three sub frames: 2.0 ajax extensions, AJAX Control Toolkit and futures CTP. The first two rely heavily on the 2.0 server-side technology.

PHP to judge the browser, Judge language code sharing

This article mainly to share the PHP to judge the browser, judge the language of the code, very simple, mainly on the server predefined variable $_server access analysis, here recommended to everyone. --> PHP programming often need to use some of th

PHP Programming Habits

Topic: Find the error in the following code: Function baz ($y $z) {     $x = new Array ();     $x [ Sales] = 60;     $x [Profit] =:    

PHP implementation of the network album Picture anti-theft chain Perfect Crack method

This article describes the implementation of the PHP network photo album anti-theft chain Perfect Way to crack. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Network photo album anti-theft chain crack Procedures-PHP version of this

Section 14th-namespaces-Classes and Objects in PHP5 [14]

object|php5| Namespace/* +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | = This article is for Haohappy read <<core PHP programming>> | = Notes from the chapter classes and objects | = translation-orien

Tip: Php+mysql Dynamic Web page Programming error correction guide

As for the database in the Web programming, the function of the database is more and more cannot be neglected. Referring to the database, it should be said that PHP has very strong database support capabilities, from FileMaker to Oracle, almost all o

Developing "virtual domain Name" system with PHP programming

Programming if your own server can also implement denoted domain name is good. It's not complicated, actually. You can also do a denoted domain Name System. The key technology of denoted domain Name System is: to implement Web page redirection (redi

PHP implements read and write tab-separated files

This article describes the PHP implementation of reading and writing tab segmentation files. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This PHP code implements read a

PHP Novice on the road: 2.PHP Introduction

2.PHP Getting Started The online tutorials on the PHP site have been great. There are also links to some other tutorials. This section of this article will give you a bit of familiarity with PHP. I can not do without any omission, my purpose is to le

The application of template idea in ASP

Template The application of the template in ASP seems to be a new idea of programming this year, in fact, a long time ago, PHP programming thought most of the use of template thinking. The template described here is not a template in C + +, Web devel

Make a message board with PHP

We can see all kinds of message boards on many websites, which is one of the main means of communication between website and visitor. A reasonable design, the interface beautiful message board program can reflect the site from the side of good servic

PHP Gets the remote picture and saves it to the local method

The example in this article describes how PHP gets a remote picture and saves it locally. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6

Developing GUI with PHP

Environment: w2k+php4.3.1+php/gtk0.5.2A simple Notepad (you can only open files for modification)<?phpSet_time_limit (0); Set run timeif (!class_exists ("GTK"))//Determine if there is a GTK moduleif (Strtoupper substr ($_server["OS", 0, 3)) = = "W

In PHP $

PHP programming often need to use some of the server data, special $_server detailed parameters, easy to use later. $_server[' php_self '] #当前正在执行脚本的文件名, related to document root. $_server[' argv '

Calculating the value of a middle order expression using PHP programming

Programming Process: Use class to simulate the list implementation stack.:p Full test program address: In the form can enter: (3+5)/2, such as the expression test, support () +-/*The following is all code &

Examples of httpclient class usages in PHP encapsulation

This example describes the HttpClient class in PHP encapsulation. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This is a PHP-encapsulated HttpClient class that enables s

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