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PHP integrates with existing Java applications

Another advantage of the program PHP feature is its ability to invoke existing Java object methods. This feature allows you to integrate PHP into existing java-based applications. This feature is especially fashionable if you are promoting PHP in you

The CodeIgniter of PHP framework

Brief introduction CodeIgniter is renowned for its ease of use, performance, and speed, and supports PHP4. It provides a rich code base for people to use in the toolkit designed to build a PHP website, which encapsulates some of the features commonl

PHP Security Configuration to achieve the security of the two key points

One, Web server security PHP is nothing but a Web server module function, so first of all to ensure the security of the Web server. Of course, the Web server to be secure and must first ensure that the system security, so it is far, endless. PHP can

PHP implementation to get the website PR value function

Recently has been busy friends chain, but also the opportunity to learn about PR value related knowledge, try to implement PR query PHP. Google PR value is what this does not do too much introduction, simply say is your PR value higher representativ

The security analysis of Ajax in Web development

  What about the security of Ajax in Web development ? Now browsers allow users to improve their security levels, turn off JavaScript technology, and disable any options in the browser. In this case, the code will not work anyway. The problem must be

Two methods of implementing user authentication in PHP

Users often need to restrict access to certain important files or information when designing and maintaining a site. In general, we can use the user authentication mechanism built into the HTTP protocol in the Web. When a visitor browses to a protect

Jpgraph Accelerator nusphere Installation Configuration Tutorial

As mentioned in the previous Jpgraph tutorial, the way to improve jpgraph performance is to install the PHP accelerator in addition to using the Jpgraph caching system. In fact, installing an available PHP accelerator is one of the best ways to incre

Examples of using SELECT query statements in PHP

 php to query the contents of the MySQL database we must first connect the MySQL database, and then use the SQL statement to query, let's take a look at some examples. SQL has many statements t

PHP variable scopes: curly braces, global, and closures

The scope of a variable is a scope of the variable, in which the variable is visible, that is, the area of the code that can access the variable, and, conversely, if it is not within that scope, the variable is not visible and cannot be invoked. (Glo

Running PHP

In the remainder of this chapter, we will address the goals we set ourselves in chapter 1th: For the credits save scenario, write a script that allows us to enter and edit tests and quiz scores. For the historical alliance, we need to develop an onli

Millions PHP Web site Architecture Toolbox

After learning about the world's largest PHP site, Facebook's back-end technology, today we'll look at a millions PHP site's web architecture:, a social networking site in Germany

PHP Novice on the road (vii)

6. Password Authentication Maybe you want to put your photo album on your website and just want to show your intimate friends that you need a password verification program. 6.1 based on HTTP aut

PHPUnit Pocket Guide Installation PHPUnit

This phpunit can be obtained through the PHP Extensions and library (Peae). Pear is the framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. Installation PHPUnit can be obtained by using the Pear Installer command: Pear Install PHPUnit2

Simple syntax for PHP

One, PHP script code tag PHP script is a pair of special tags in the file included content, such as ASP is "<%....%>", PHP can be seen as "<?...? > ". However, in order to adapt the XML standard to embed PHP in XML or XHTML, PHP does no

Configuration of Zend Studio 6.1.2 under Fedora

Zend Studio is a very powerful tool for our phper, and he can often make our work more inefficient, today to record the daily use of very useful configuration, to help more phper improve the efficiency of the work. 1, configure the server. If we wan

Method of using PHP to obtain client server IP

<?php echo "The hostname of the current scripting server:". gethostbyaddr ($_server[' remote_addr '). " <br/><hr/> "; Echo Gets the IP address of the server on which the PHP script (p

Talking about how to improve the speed of PHP

One of the biggest advantages of using PHP is that it is fast. In general, PHP always has enough speed to support Web content dynamic generation, and many times it is impossible to find a faster method. However, when faced with huge amounts of traffi

"PHP program Design," the fifth chapter in midfield one: database connection

The fifth chapter in midfield one: database connectionThe first two chapters are focused on the PHP language, and now stop to start creating an application. In this chapter, you will create an application that connects to the MySQL database.After stu

How to insert RDF content into a Web site with PHP (iv)

web| Insert | The site returns to the class (Back to Class) Since you have so much power, why should you limit yourself to just a single source of RDF? As I said earlier, most major sites often take snapshots of what they provide. In fact, it's fair

Improve PHP performance by caching Database results

Cache | data | database | performance As we all know, the results of caching database queries can significantly shorten script execution time and minimize the load on the database server. If the data to be processed is basically static, the technique

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